The Staff

This is a list off the staff at Therealwrestle. This will change over time as we are still trying to take on new writers but this is correct as of 14/02/2012.


Creator, Owner and Editor In Chief

Alex will be writing the Raw report and more than likely the TNA Impact Review too. He will also be writing the Pay Per previews and reviews and the retro columns covering old events the first of the retro series will be a review of all the summerlsams there has been and will be posted on a weekly basis.  Alex has been writing about Wrestling for a number of years now and thought it was about time he set up a site of his own to share.

Contact Alex

Twitter @therealwrestle



New to wrestling writing but with a background of sports journalism, Paul is the latest to join the writing team here at The Real Wrestle. Paul, an avid watcher of WWE dating back to the Attitude era, will be providing reports from WWE’s Smackdown as well as off-the-cuff features on WWE Superstars.

Twitter @NeatPaul


Assistant Editor, Writer

Brad is a talented writer who has co-created and writes for another site here at SltdWrestling it’s a great site and we are very happy to have Brad here on board at the RealWrestle. Brad will be writing a weekly column here and will also be sharing with me in doing the pay per views previews once a month.

Contact Brad

Twitter @brad_SLTD


Co-Gaphics Editor

Kat is an awesome talent and  a much-needed  help with the graphics on the site. Kat will be helping to co-ordinate and set up the various graphics we have on the site so it looks even better for you to read and see.

Contact Kat

Twitter @Katairbourne



Neil will be writing two weekly columns for the realwrestle one on all things related to fcw the wwe development territory with all news ,reviews and all that Jazz. Neil will also be writing a interesting weekly column entitled “on this day on wrestling”

Contact Neil

Twitter @shootwrestling


2 comments on “The Staff

  1. I am so excited to be a part of this & writing about TNA wrestling every Thursday. I am a huge fan of WWE & TNA wrestling. For those wondering about me I’m a single mom of 2 boys & really appreciate the opportunity to share my love of all things wrestling.

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