March 12th – 18th: This Week in Wrestling History

by Neil

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Dean Malenko vs. Chris Jericho (c) for the WCW Cruiserweight Championship – Uncensored ’98

Back in 1997/1998 WCW was an exciting place to be. The product was conclusively winning the ‘Monday Night War’ between WCW Nitro and WWF Monday Night Raw. It really is unthinkable in this day and age in 2012 that another wrestling product could get anywhere close to knocking WWE off of the mountain but back then WCW was “where the big boys played” and was pulling in the ratings week after week. WCWs dominance, of course, would not last. As they tempted big stars away from WWF such as Hulk Hogan, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Lex Luger and Bret Hart, the smaller, younger talent were pushed down the card and given little to no opportunities to grow within the walls of its organisation.

The WCW Cruiserweight division was arguably producing more classic matches than WWF at this time. Young, talented wrestlers brought pure wrestling and high flying to a mainstream American and global audience  in an exciting, refreshing division. Chris Jericho and Dean Malenko were involved in an entertaining rivalry as two of the divisions stand-out stars. What Dean Malenko lacked in charisma, he possessed in pure wrestling ability. An incredibly talented, professional performer – the “Man of a Thousand Holds” helped to provide the backbone of the WCW product at this time. This particular show, Uncensored on March 15th 1998 at the Mobile Civic Center in Alabama, predictably had matches such as Lex Luger vs. Scott Steiner, Sting vs. Scott Hall and a main event of Randy Savage vs. Hulk Hogan higher on the card. As the “dinosaurs” drew the money and occupied the spotlight, Malenko and Jericho provided the strong wrestling match.

“Lionheart” Chris Jericho, the petulant villain, was another performer looking for his break in WCW. The Cruiserweight Champion succeeded at getting under the skin of Malenko, declaring himself to be the “Man of a Thousand and Four Holds” – a hilarious promo from their feud together and a personal favourite of mine.

Kurt Angle vs. Eddie Guerrero (c) for the WWE Championship – Wrestlemania XX

On Sunday March 14th 2004 Eddie Guerrero was enjoying his time on top of the pile. Securing his first WWE Championship the previous month when he defeated Brock Lesnar at No Way Out, Eddie then entered into a feud with Kurt Angle in the build-up to Wrestlemania.

Originally jumping ship from WCW to the WWE with close friend Chris Benoit, the two men who many saw as underused and underappreciated in WCW occupied the main events at Madison Square Garden as Chris Benoit battled for the World Heavyweight Championship in a triple threat match with Triple H and Shawn Michaels.

In a feud that included references to Eddies legitimate issues with drugs and alcohol the Olympian only helped to further establish Guerrero as one of the companys top faces, despite playing the part of a heel throughout the majority of his career. These two men are often referred to as two of the very best in-ring performers of their time and at Wrestlemania 20 they arguably stole the show with an astounding, technically sound wrestling match.

In just a few short hours at TNA Victory Road Kurt Angle will take on Jeff Hardy and if their previous matches, such as their encounter at Victory Road 2010, are anything to go by then it should be a classic. Until then get a taste of exactly how good Kurt Angle can be when he’s on his top of his game. You will struggle to find many better examples of pure class than this one.


Monday Night Raw – 05/03/2012 – The Review

Well folks it’s that time of the week for another Monday Night raw review so lets jump straight in.  The show kicks off this week with the Heartbreak Kid Himself Shawn Micheals to a huge pop always glad to see the showstopper back. Shawn says he is there because  like everyone else wants to know why the Game Triple H accepted the Undertakers challenge last week after even Shawn Micheals failed to get him to accept the dead mans challenge previously.  Enter now The Game Himself Triple H to another big pop. Shawn talks up HHH saying how strong he is because he managed to turn away from Shawn when he was trying to push his buttons and goad him.  Shawn also said that he wanted to see what the world wanted to see and that’s the footage from last week which made Triple H change his mind they then aired footage from when Undertaker said that Shawn was better than HHH. Hunter tells Shawn that he didn’t accept the match because he wanted to prove he was better than but it stuck in the game’s gut that people talked of how Shawn couldn’t get the job done because according to Shawn he was the greatest performer in the ring ever.  HHH said the reason why he took up the undertakers challenge because he wanted to finish it , to end the streak and to end an era and for Shawn too. Shawn as you would expect offers him a rather sarcastic thanks in return.  Shawn said what hurt him was what he told HHH last year that he just couldn’t get the job done he couldn’t end the streak Shawn knew that he couldn’t get the job done.  Shawn says that he knows who will win again this year as he will be in the cage himself as special guest referee he then leaves.

As per the case of the last few weeks of Raw we start with a promo but once again like last week it was another awesome one. Two of the legends of the business in the ring together  you can really tell that these 2 guys have great chemistry together they spark off each other . For me there is an extra excitement to the match now that Shawn is guest referee some people have been telling me that they think it will take away a bit of spectacle from triple h and Undertaker I disagree with that.  For me it adds to it having Shawn involved these 3 have such a huge history it can only add to the intrigue of the match. If they build it right which I am sure that they will do over the coming weeks it will add more intrigue to the match too . Think about it HHH could start to say he could get the job done that even Shawn couldnt and beat the streak. This could lead to Shawn resenting that thought and get in peoples minds would Shawn screw hunter? would Shawn screw taker? I’m not saying this is the way it could go but it would be an interesting path. Either way their match at Mania is building well and the story is being told at the right pace can’t wait for the next part.

Match 1: Jack Swagger Vs Santino

Oh dear did we see Jack Swaggers new hair cut not a good look in my book. He is facing Santino here because the story here is Teddy Long is Raw GM for the night and booking the matches and he gets Santino a title shot because he is with Teddy and is his assistant on Smackdown.  Santino has been a real good worker since he started in the WWE from what I see they are starting to move him away from the comedy gimmick a bit now and move him more to be known for his wrestling. After his grand showing in the chamber you could also argue that he is just about deserving of his title shot now. Jack Swagger was joined at ringside by David Otunga , John Laurinaitis, Vickie Guerreo and Dolph Ziggler.  They are soon joined by supporters of Santino in Kofi Kingston, Teddy Long and Aksana.  We have an advert break and come back from it and Santino has the upper hand Laurinaitis tires to break it up but Teddy Long gets in the way . With all this distraction going on the outside  sneaks in a shot on Santino but Santino managed to strike back with the Cobra. Swagger then went and put the ankle lock on Santino which he countered with a roll up to get the win.

Winner: Santino (New US Champion)

It’s hard to comment on this match as they didn’t get long I think it was about 5-6 minutes and that’s including the adverts. I think it shows a lack of thought or push for the US Title as it seems from this match that it’s more of an afterthought to essentially put over an angle between the 2  general managers. Post Match Laurinaitis and Otunga were ejected from the arena there was big pops for that. I’m actually quite pleased for Santino my only hope now is that they keep the belt on him for a bit and build on it.

Rock History Lesson: Class One

next up is the first of The Rocks 3 promos of the evening we get him by the Boston harbour standing by a table full of various John Cena merchandise . They had it all there T-Shirts, Wrist Bands etc. The Rock cuts a promo basically trashing all these items throwing them into the river . I laughed at the wonder woman wrist bands.They really do sell some crazy shit if  all of what was sold on that table is true . I mean the John Cena Garden Gnomes? Rock talked about how it was probably owned somewhere by some 40-year-old virgin good line that. The best line was when Rock talked about the Cena cologne saying it smelled of Fear , Possum Piss and Fruity Pebbles. I can’t say I’ve ever smelt Possum Piss before but I can’t imagine it smells great.  A typical promo from the Rock trashy but fun . It’s the Rock doing what he does really well the guy is great on the mic and a great talker no doubt about that.

Match 2: Eve Vs Alicia Fox

Kelly Kelly was at ringside for this one . It was a very short match with Eve winning with a roll up in under a minute. I do like Eve’s heel turn and she is coming along as performer in the ring. I know people will say and quite rightly that Natalya and Beth are better performers but that’s missing the point All these divas deserve their shot as much as anyone and given the right amount of time they can improve their work so they can be even better performers.

Winner: Eve

After the match Zack Ryder comes out walking with the assistance of a cane she says he is glad that he never hooked up with Eve because it was all about the broeskis before the hoeskis.

We then get another advert break and when we come back from that we get a backstage segment with Eve and Zack Ryder. Zack says that he does not want to talk to Eve . Eve then kisses him and Zack Kisses her back . Eve leaves smiling and Zack is left with a rather goofy expression on his face.

We then get a shot of earlier on in the day with John Cena sitting in the empty arena. Cena started to talk about how the New England Patriots led the 2007  super bowl by a big lead  then lost. He saying that nobody remembers who finishes second place. It was an effective segment to get across the point of how much winning at Wrestlemania wins to John Cena. Cena was saying he needs to win he needs that moment. I don’t think Cena does really as he still be over no matter what but I get the point that Cena is trying to make the importance of it all. As I have said I really enjoyed this bit with Cena it was great way of pitting the match over and the importance of it all a great way of building another wrestlemania moment.

Match 3:  Sheamus & CM Punk Vs Daniel Bryan & Chris Jericho

we got an advert very early on in the match and when we get back to the match it was rather a strange one with all these 4 guys in the ring I was expecting something great but in the end it was just good it just didn’t seem to hit the mark no particular reason but it looked as though the timing was off in some places. Check when Sheamus shoves Jericho off when he goe’s for a bulldog Jericho goe’s feet first into the turnbuckle winced at that it looked painful to me. The team of Jericho and Bryan got the win when Jericho had Punk in the Walls of Jericho and Punk countered with a cradle which Jericho then revered to pick up the pin and win for his team.

Winners:  Chirs Jericho & Daniel Bryan

As I said it wasn’t a bad match but with all these 4 guys in the ring I had high expectations. It was still a fairly good match though . Punk was great again as ever and what I really like is that he sold his injury from his attack last week . Thats what they should do more often it helps get fans behind the babyfaces more if they sell the attack more than the inevitable comeback looks and works better.

Rock History Lesson: Class Two

The Rock this time is by the statue of Paul Revere . He posed a question what of John Cena led the american revolution? Rock says he would have got shot on sight just for what he is wearing.  He said if the Rock was there the woman would have been lining the streets waiting to give him some of their Boston Cream Pie. The Rock then treated us to a little song which ended with the line “rock stuck a feather up his ass and call him a Jabroni”. That was real funny the crowd in the arena loved it too.  The Rock again promised Cena he would be at the Arena again later.

Match 4: The Miz vs The Big Show

before the match even started we were treated to Cody Rhodes showing us another clip of another big show wrestlemania moment.  This one was from wrestlemania 18 where big show as at a wwe restaurant. Anyways back to the match if you can call that very short . The Miz was allowed to get a brief bit of offence in before Big SHow hit Miz with a spear then with the knockout punch.

Winner: The Big Show

The match was far too short to say anything about it really. I am looking forward to Rhodes vs Show at Wrestlemania though.

Rock History Lesson: The Final Class

The final Rock history lesson took place outside the statehouse in Massachusetts , The rock was saying that he’s entertained people all over the world but there is only  1 place in the world that he fights and thats inside a wwe ring.  This promo from the rock was a bit more serious and less jokey than his 2 earlier promos in the evening he stated that you can take it to the bank The Rock WILL beat John Cena at wrestlemania.

Match 5: Kane Vs R-Truth

Short match was more interesting at the start with a crazy act from R-Truth whilst talking into the camera. Kane won this very short match clean with a Chokeslam.

Winner: Kane

like a lot of the matches tonight apart from the tag it’s hard to comment on because it’s so short. Post Match Randy Orton comes out to deliver an RKO to Kane looks like we got another Wrestlemina match there folks.

And now we are at the top of the show and out comes John Cena to a being honest a fairly decent pop. He said the arena was packed it was electrified because the Rock is back.  He questioned why the Rock is always making fun of his look or talking about his well whatever he calls his penis nowadays. cena said we saw something unusual last week we saw the Rock shook up not in control.  He poked fun at himself by saying that unreal as it may seem the rock got shook up by a wonder woman transvestite. He was mocking himself quite a bit here even said that he looks ridiculous in the fact that he comes out to talk to the fans in his knee pads. Another god promo from Cena he talked and wondered which Rock would show up at Wrestlemania would it be the Rock of the 20 minute rambling promos or would it be the greatest superstar in WWE history?  He needed to beat the very best which is the Rock the Rock then gets called out. The rock storms straight out no posing this time he’s a man with a purpose . He told the crowd and the world what he saw in Cena and that was fear because he is taking everything away from Cena. He addressed Cena by saying he’s living in fear because when the Rock beats him at wrestlemania he will take away everything that John Cena has built up over the last 10 years.  The Rock was on a roll here he spoke of how Cena saying the rock was shaken by last week “you think you shook my confidence” the Rock said “look at me”.  The Rock wasn’t being the funny man and said to Cena when you strip everything away I’m the guy who will rip your throat out. and  Cena will go down in History as the Rocks Bitch then The Rock Left.

Cena was smiling during the rocks words and certainly wasn’t showing any fear. He mocked the Rock again for the words on his arm from last week by writing down the rocks height and weight. The Rock said e would lose everything if he lost to the Rock but he sure as hell wasn’t scared of him. And at Wrestlemania he would whip the Rocks ass.

The argument I have seen all over Twitter again is that Cena owned the Rock like last week . Although I agree John Cena slightly got the better of it I don’t think he “owned” him. The Rock was better than last week it seemed less formulaic and he was much more intense.  The key to it all for me is the build for Cena they are trying to book him or make him look like he can hang with the Rock and are booking him strong. They are doing a great Job Cena has impressed a lot of his doubters the hope for wwe is that Cena takes this momentum from this match into wrestlemania and beyond. The Rock is doing a great job of building this feud too and making Cena look strong before mania.

Final Thoguhts

I liked a lot of the show it was very promo heavy but when you get guys like HHH, Shawn, Cena and Rock that’s fine by me. The Build up to the Undertaker/HHH and Rock/Cena was done well and again has helped to build for Mania. The matches bar the tag match were a touch short for me with guys like R-Truth and The Miz basically jobbing.

 I wish they would do something more with the Divas and give the a bigger part of the show or a longer match to show of their talents more I mean there was no Divas champion on tv this week but we got a lot of face time for Eve who is doing well in the heel role.

Next week I would like more build up of the Punk/Jericho match as that kinda got sidelined this week.

anyway folks thanks for reading leave your thoughts and comments as always

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Monday Night Raw 27/02/2012 – The Review

Howdy folks it’s that time of the week again for another Monday Night Raw review and this week it’s from the good city Portland, Oregon. We get a quick video highlights package of last week with John Cena’s Promo on the Rock I wrote about it last week in the Raw Review it was some mighty fine promo work by Cena should set it up well for tonight.

After the all theme music is finished we are left with the start of Raw with a rematch of the champion vs champion battle from last week on Smackdown between CM Punk and Daniel Bryan. There is a highlights package showing the screwy finish from smackdown.  But before this match can get underway we are treated to the sight of Chris Jericho coming out. Jericho comes out to start his promo on Punk by telling him that he thinks he’s good  just not as good as Jericho himself.  He didn’t need to prove it so much as punk did he didn’t need to put the fact he was the best in the world all over a t-shit he just was.  Jericho also talked some about his background , his journey how hard he had worked and all the touring he had done to be the best there is today. Yeah Jericho said there were people in the back who didn’t like him but he was still the success story.

Punk came back again praising Jericho stating that the world knows how good he is. He said he didn’t steal anything from Jericho. He said the best in the wold that’s been around for years didn’t Chris Jericho once remember Bret Hart saying “the best there is, the best there was, the best there ever will be”. That got a huge reaction from the crowd. He talked a bit too about his history and how hard he had worked to get where he was he had to fight every inch of the way but hey he’s here.  Jericho came back sating that every night for over 20 years he has proved he’s the best in the world he’s done it all headlined wrestlemanias, wrestled and beat every legend there is even when he said he’s the best in the world and the crowd booed he said go ahead boo as they all know it’s true.

Punk again praised Jericho saying he’s won championships he beat legends like  both Rock and Stone Cold  in 1 night but taunted Jericho for all that he has ever done he has never been the man like Punk is now.  Punk had the line of the night for me when he started getting heated when saying Jericho chose to go away be in a rock band , write books do game shows and the best was  “while I’m here swimming with sharks you were dancing with the stars” that was an awesome line.  Jericho stated that the one reason why he came back to the wwe was to embarrass Punk on the biggest stage of them all Wrestlemania. Punk said that’s all you ever need to say they didn’t need Mickey Rourke or Chris Brown just a ring and the two of them and he built up by saying that they could have the greatest wrestlemania match of them all .

Wow that promo work between those 2 guys was epic. Punks line about swimming with sharks was awesome they both put the other guy over too whilst putting over themselves. It was a fairly longish promo to start the show but they got through an awful lot. These 2 guys have such great chemistry together. The promo for me really put across how much this match means to the both of them It also set a high level of expectation for the match and it will only build before wrestlemania . Both are great workers 2 of the best if not best on the roster and again they are both 2 of the best on the mic on the roster so over the next coming weeks I expect more promo work and i have no problem with that if these 2 guys are involved.

Match 1:  CM Punk vs Daniel Bryan

We get the first match of the night up next with Daniel Bryan being walked down to the ring with A.J, John Laurinaitis and David Otunga.  We get back from the adverts and we have more guests at ringside with Santino there with Teddy Long representing smackdown.  There is a bit of action on the outside with Punk about to do a dive before A.J got in the way and stopped him Bryan then gets hold of Bryan and throws him into the ringside steps.  We get another advert break and the action is back in the ring this time with Bryan hitting a superplex on Punk.  Punk then started to take control hitting Bryan with a spinning neckbreaker and a running knee in the coroner. Punk managed to hit Jericho with a top rope elbow but Punk was selling his rib injury so didn’t cover Bryan.  It then all started to get a bit crazy Otunga was knocked down by Punk when he jumped on the apron.  Santino then got involved with Otunga . Bryan went to leave with his title but again was stopped by Sheamus as he tried to leave who threw him back in the ring. Punk hit the go to sleep on Bryan but John Laurinaitis ran in to disqualify Punk and give Bryan the win.

Everyone then gets in the ring and starts to argue Teddy long pushes down Laurinaitis and Otunga and Santino step in to try to break it up. Punk has left the ring by this point and is walking up the entrance way smiling when he is attacked  from behind by Chris Jericho who then puts him into the walls of Jericho with his foot on punks head.

Winner: Daniel Bryan by dq

I enjoyed the match in the short time we get from these guys I just wish they would give these guys 15-20 minutes advert free no interference and let them just go at it they are both great workers and given the right time they are both capable together of giving a really good match and they clearly enjoy being in the ring together.

We get another advert break and a couple of video packages the first a recap  of Jericho’s attack on Punk the second one is on the build-up the Undertaker/HHH wrestlemania match covering from last year to all the promos that have been done on the recently.

Match 2: Kelly Kelly vs Nikki Bella

Dear oh dear what did this match get a minute? Less than that Nikki got a rare bit of offence in at the start then Kelly Kelly quickly picked up the win with a bridging pin.

Winner: Kelly Kelly By Pinfall

How can you even rate this match? It also seems if the diva division is an afterthought you have good workers WWE why not use them? How can you begin to get people to care about divas when you give them less than a minute in a throwaway  match like this. It’s what we have come to expect from the divas but we can still always hope for better.

Before we come to the Miz/Cena match we get the Miz in the ring cutting a quick promo it was rather a strange one for a so called heel. He talked about how hard he had worked and no one had worked harder than him. If wwe needed anyone for public relations he was the guy they went to when he was champ that was certainly true. It just struck me a strange promo for a heel to get heat you say how hard your worked and how much you did for the company?. Miz stated that once again he would prove he would be worthy of wrestlemania by beating the guy he beat in the main event last year John Cena.

Match 3: The Miz vs John Cena

Cena started off the match as you would expect on top hitting a suplex and a back elbow on Miz. Cena went for the aa early but The Miz countered with his backbreaker combined with a neckbreaker which got him a pinfall to the count of two.  The Miz hit his running knee spot in the corner but Cena came back with  a backdrop for a count of two.  It was over quite quickly after the Miz hit a short ddt whilst Cena was on the floor . Cena hit the running shoulderblock then the five knuckle shuffle and the attitude adjustment. He picked up with by licking the Miz in the stf for a submission win.

Winner: John Cena by submission

a squash match for Cena basically to make him look strong going into his program with the rock. The miz rather urgently needs a character re work he’s going nowhere fast as a heel the guy just needs a shot in the arm no one really believed he had a chance here. As John Cena is celebrating we get a shot of the Rock backstage he does the John Cena “you can’t see me sign” and the screen fades to black.

Match 4: R-Truth 7 Kofi Kingston vs Dolph Ziggler & Jack Swagger vs Epico & Primo

A tag match on raw involving proper tag teams such a rarity. The rule of this match were pretty simple 3 of the guys could be in the ring at any time whilst the other 3 tag partners had to be on the outside till they got tagged in. Kingston started off the match on a hot streak hitting a cool looking dropkick on Primo then a side kick on Ziggler. Swagger then got involved with Kingston and they fell to the floor where now all 6 of the guys were.

We come back to the match after the break and we get R-truth squaring off against both Ziggler and Primo .It’s all a bit chaotic in the ring as these type of matches always are R-Truth hits a nice looking neck breaker on Primo and Ziggler at the exact same time. We then get a flurry of tags with Kofi, Epico and Swagger all entering the ring. Kofi like he started he match is on fire with a double boot to swagger and a boom drop on both Epico and Swagger good looking spot that.  Ziggler enters the ring hits the Zig Zag on Kofi but R-Truth takes him out of the ring. We then get another flurry of moves with Swagger with the ankle lock on Epico Kofi hits the trouble in paradise on Swagger. Primo gets the win with the backstabber on Swagger.

Winners: Primo & Epico

I quite enjoyed the match with these guys you involved you would expect a fast paced match and that’s what we got. It’s about time though that epico and primo got a proper tag teams to feud against. wwe needs to build up its tag teams again and Epico and Primo make a good team.

Eve is out next with Justin Roberts in the ring cutting a promo she looked fine by the way mighty fine.  She said there wasn’t a man out there who wouldn’t want to get used by her.  She said she had men crumble at her feet she then blew a kiss to the fans and left. A strange promo I know they are trying to get Eve over as a heel but to me she didn’t seem to be drawing much heat from the crowd so not quite sure it’s quite working yet but time will tell.

before the tag match that got announced earlier between Big Show & Sheamus vs Rhodes & Mark Henry we get treated to Cody Rhodes talking more trash bout the big show saying that Cotto is boxing mayweather and he barely weighs 150 pounds which makes Show’ s loss to Mayweather at wresetlemania  that much worse.

Match 5: Big Show & Sheamus vs Cody Rhodes & Mark Henry

The match barely got a minute Cody straight away tagged in Mark Henry, Cody left as Mark Henry got knocked down by the Big Show. Sheamus picked up the win for his team when Show tagged him in and he hit the brogue kick for the win.

Winner: Big Show & Sheamus by Pinfall

A bit of a duff match done basically to put over the show vs rhodes feud. Mark Henry is another guy whose star seems to have fallen rather quickly I know he’s carrying injuries but what happened to the monster Heel who was beating everyone? This was the guy who beat Orton clean twice remember and now he’s losing in less than a minute not good for mark Henry at all.

The Rock Promo

So we come to the top of the show and it’s time for the Rock promo as you would expect he gets  a large ovation and pop when his music hits and he comes out.  The rock comes out sand says he feels good yeah he says he’s not here every week but he has been here for years and he loved it. He put over the wwe by saying that he wouldn’t be where he is or who he is today without the wwe. He said then when he said he would never go away again it was true but it didn’t mean he would be here every week I’m a little confused by that I guess. He said the only reason why he is here in the ring is because he loves the wwe. He says he will always be a part of the wwe.

It’s now time for him to address Cena he always thought of Cena as a phony because Cena’s the guy who went to private school and pretended to be a thug. The Rock said he doesn’t think Cena is a phony now or a bad guy but he does think he is a kung pow bitch. Rock brought up the fact that Cena talked about how he fights for the guys out the back but Rock said he fights for them and points to the crowds cue another big pop for the great one. He started to say what a lot of fans think that they are tired of having this Kung Pow Bitch forced down their throats every night. “King Pow Bitch” according to the Rock was now trending worldwide and so was “cena’s lady parts”. The Rock then started playing to the crowd encouraging the lady parts chants and the”rocky”chnats . he then said that only change that Cena has ever made is changing from the jean shorts to the camouflage shorts because we can’t find Cen’s balls forever cue anther trending topic of cena’s missing balls” .

John Cena then comes out with a big smile on his face and at first I thought this would be another typical Cena promo but he then called Dwayne a selfish son of a bitch who wouldn’t give a rats ass if the wwe company the claims to love so much went down tomorrow. Cena said that unlike Rock he doesn’t need things to trend just like he doesn’t need his notes for his promo on his wrist good line that. Cena promised that he would beat the hell out of the rock at Wrestlemania he then left.

The Rock said as always Cena leaves before he can slap the taste out of his mouth he said that all that  really matters is when it comes to Wrestlemania the rock will kick John Cenas candy ass and the show ends.

They were two good promos for me but even as I type this I’m surprised to admit but I thought cena’s was more effective. Cena really managed to put a marker down here and the line about the promo notes on the rocks wrist even seemed to surprise the rock. Now I’m not sure whether there is genuine heat between these guys or not but it certainly looked personal and heated in there which makes the anticipation for when they get it on that much more.  The crowd are certainly loving it that’s what going to sell wrestlemania huge because everyone wants to see what’s going to happen between these 2 guys. The rock is electrifying as ever in the ring and it will only help John cvena by being in the ring with him.

Final Thoughts

It was a strange show the end and the start was great . They are certainly setting the build for the main wrestlemania matches between punk vs Jericho and Rock vs cena and their promos were fantastic . I liked the tag match but as there was no real feud attached to it didnt mean as a much to me they need a tag team to feud with and quick. The divas match was short as ever and no divas champion on the show yet Eve gets promo air time? I was expecting to have seen Kharma by now but there is still time yet.

Thanks’ for reading as ever folks please comment as ever with your thoughts and opinions

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