March 5th – 11th: This Week in Wrestling History (2)

“If You Smell…”

Rocks Road to Wrestlemania in Years Gone By (Part Two)

by Neil

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That’s right folks. I promised a double header this week and thats exactly what we have. I decided that for this particular “Week in Wrestling History” it may be a good idea to take a look at The Rock and the build-up surrounding some of his previous Wrestlemania matches. In my first installment this week I took a look at the build-up for his match with Stone Cold Steve Austin at Wrestlemania XIX as well as his match at Wrestlemania XX teaming with Mick Foley to face Evolution. I couldn’t, however, finish without focusing on one Rock feud that carries with it probably the most significance going into this years Wrestlemania.

This year on April 1st The Rock takes on Cena in what is being called one of the very biggest matches of all time. It’s easy to see why the WWE would bill it as such considering the huge draw this creates, having two of the biggest names in wrestling collide. The Rock is arguably the biggest name ever in wrestling. His roots as a third generation star, following in the footsteps of his grandfather ‘High Chief’ Peter Maivia and his father Rocky Johnson were then eclipsed by success in Hollywood and on the big screen. The Rock has achieved a greater level of success in Hollywood than probably any other wrestler. However if The Great One is the biggest name in wrestling then who, you may ask, could have laid claim to that title before him?

Wrestlemania X8

The Rock vs. Hollywood Hulk Hogan

In 2002 the WWE saw one of its most anticipated returns in history. The legendary Hulk Hogan returned to the ring after WCW, the company Hogan originally left the old WWF for in 1993, was dissolved following a buy-out by chairman Vince McMahon. In February’s No Way Out pay-per-view fans were treated to a sight they perhaps thought they would never see again as Hogan made his grand re-appearance – and he didn’t come alone.

Once the biggest babyfaces in professional wrestling history, the Hulkster ran wild, urging children to take their vitamins and drink their milk and dominating the WWF throughout the late eighties and early nineties. Hulk Hogan would become a rare household name, something not usually associated with wrestling. After originally retaining the same character in WCW, there came a time for a change. There came a time for a Hogan heel turn. Joining forces with Scott Hall and Kevin Nash, forming the New World Order, Hogan enjoyed more success in WCW as that company began to beat WWF in the Monday Night War of ratings in the late 1990’s until it was bought and consequently closed by Vince McMahon. The No Way Out event in 2002 was Hogans first appearance on WWF TV in nine years as Vince McMahon officially unveiled the individuals he said were hired to “inject a poison” into the WWF and fianlly kill the empire that he created.

Scott Hall, Kevin Nash and Hollywood Hulk Hogan would run riot through the WWF over the next few weeks, attacking, amongst others, its two biggest babyfaces in Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock. After The Texas Rattlesnake had fallen prey to the nWo, The Rock appeared on the March 7th 2002 edition of Smackdown seeking revenge of his own. By this time the match had already been made – The Rock and Hollywood Hulk Hogan would square off at Wrestlemania X8, and three weeks before this edition of Smackdown The Rock was attacked by the nWo. Following an assault on The Peoples Champ, Hogan, Hall and Nash would take control of The Rocks ambulance, locking him inside before running it down with a truck. The WWF really seemed to be trying to make Hogans heel turn as visual and as emphatic as possible. Coming out to the ring The Rock called out the group and challenged Hogan to a match there and thern, before Wrestlemania. Claiming to want nothing to do with an injured Rocky, Hogan backed down claiming to want to save the match until Wrestlemania where he would have no excuses. Accepting on his behalf, a match was made for Smackdown later that night between Scott Hall and The Rock.

A star in his own right in the WWF in the early to mid nineties under his ring name Razor Ramon, Scott Hall came to the ring backed up by Hogan and Nash to take on The Rock in the main event. The match would quickly break down into a brawl and get out of hand as the “pack of dogs” would play the numbers game and team up on an injured Rock. However the odds would be evened up as The Rock had some back-up of his own, leading to a blockbuster announcement from Vince McMahon.

A few nights later, on the March 11th 2002 edition of Monday Night Raw, fans tuned in to witness a huge main event. In just six days Hollywood Hulk Hogan and The Rock, two of the biggest names ever in professional wrestling, would meet in what was being billed as the biggest match of all time – wrestlings past meeting wrestlings future, Icon vs Icon at Wrestlemania X8. In this handicap tag team match The Rock teamed with Stone Cold Steve Austin as they both were out for revenge against Hollywood Hulk Hogan, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall. Who would get the upper hand before the big show down? Could Hogan, at his age, still hang with the likes of The Great One? Watch the build up to the Wrestlemania encounter from this week in wrestling history right here.


March 5th – March 11th: This Week in Wrestling History

“If You Smell…”

Rocks Road to Wrestlemania in Years Gone By (Part One)

by Neil

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Almost an entire calendar year to the day the match was made. At last years Wrestlemania it was announced that in his home town of Miami, Florida The Rock would clash with John Cena in what is being billed as one of the biggest, most high-profile matches in WWE history. Over the course of 12 months the hype has been building and in just three and half weeks the wait is finally over. You would think that this makes me excited, right? The live crowds and large sections of the WWE Universe seem to be excited. I, however, am not and this is why.

Making a match a year in advance is a massive call. Thats twelve months of work, twelve months of hype, twelve months in which to keep peoples attention and hold peoples interest. That is a huge ask of any two people on the roster. So then, when you consider that one of those men has been absent and only at a handful of live events during that time, having only one match at a WWE pay-per-view in that time and shouldering his share of the responsibility via satellite, pre-recorded comments and Twitter you may just begin to realise where my patience has worn thin.

I am no Cena mark. I never have been. I actually used to rather dislike him. Having Cena forced upon me every time I want to watch WWE over the last few years has not always been enjoyable. Cena has been in the main event, usually with a championship around his waist, for several years now. Cena has been the WWEs top dog and where thats all well and good the lack of change to the scenery has been somewhat tiring. With that said I have been very surprised to say that in recent times I, who once owned a Rock t-shirt and consider myself a fan, I have been all about John Cena as far as this “war” goes. Cena has worked remarkably well in a very tight spot, trying to keep air in the lungs of a feud with a man making rare appearances, armed with little more than a mic and a titantron or live satellite feed. What makes this situation even more disappointing is that when The Rock has been live on Monday Night Raw he has done, in my opinion, very little to further enhance the angle and quite frankly has been easily trumped and brushed aside by an impressive John Cena.

The Rock has been at two consecutive live Monday Night Raw events as of late and hopefully should be scheduled to appear at more between now and Wrestlemania and as much as I have been bored and frustrated with this current angle I hope to see it offer up some entertainment in the weeks to come. After all if this match is going to keep the current champions on the under-card then you would hope that it at least delivers! I felt it would be appropriate, as The Rock gears up for a return to in-ring action on the grandest stage of them all, that we take the opportunity to look back at the events of this week in wrestling history and highlight exactly what The Most Electrifying Man in Sports Entertainment has been offering the WWE universe at this exciting time of year in years gone by.

Wrestlemania XIX

The Rock vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin

At Wrestlemania XIX The Rock challenged his arch-rival Stone Cold Steve Austin to one more match on the grandest stage of them all. Arguably the two biggest, most impactful and most popular susperstars in WWE history had previously headlined Wrestlemania together on two seperate occasions. Austin prevailed on both occasions. On March 30th 2003 there were no championships on the line, only pride, as The Rock set out to do what he had previously failed to do and that is beat Stone Cold at Wrestlemania – in “Act III”. This battle would prove to be The Texas Rattlesnakes last, as he retired following it.

Three weeks before the showdown The Rock arrived on the March 10th 2003 edition of Monday Night Raw to be greeted by General Manager Eric Bischoff who informed The Great One that he would be wrestling Booker T that night. The Rock declined, claiming that match was not going to happen but that he would find his own opponent to face in the main event. In this hilarious backstage promo segment his hand-picked opponent would be revealed…but not before The Rock had taken an opportunity to share a song with the Cleveland audience.

Later in the show Eric Bischoff walked to the ring, mic in hand, to address his situation with The Texas Rattlesnake and made reference to his legitimate firing of Austin from WCW. Bischoff claimed that he deserved credit and that without him Austin would never made it to the WWE. Naturally Stone Cold would respond and as the two butted heads in the ring, The Rock couldn’t help but get involved.

With The Rock biding his time in his feud with Steve Austin, as he waited until Wrestlemania, it was time for the main event. The Rock and his hand selected opponent The Hurricane put on a decent match. After weasling out of his original, scheduled match with Booker T and backing down from a potential confrontation with his Wrestlemania opponent, Stone Cold Steve Austin would ensure that as Raw went off air that night he made his mark to further bait The Peoples Champion.

Wrestlemania XX

The Rock & Mankind vs. Batista, Randy Orton & Ric Flair

On March 14th 2004 at Wrestlemania XX “The Rock ‘n Sock Connection” took on “Evolution” in a three-on-two handicap match. The newly reformed former Tag Team Champions faced the “past, present and future” of professional wrestling, Dave Batista, the Intercontental Champion Randy Orton and the sixteen-time world champion Ric Flair.

The team of The Rock and Mick Foley were originally an unlikely combination. Mankind, desperate for The Rocks approval and respect would go out of his way in his attempts to impress ‘The Great One’ and usually his efforts would be met with little reaction. The comedic value of the team was never in doubt and this strange dynamic would lead to an unforgettable moment in the Attitude era and the history of Monday Night Raw when, in 1998, Mankind presenting The Rock with his “This is Your Life” would mark the highest rated segment in the history of the WWEs flagship programme.

Six years later and the pair were best of friends and on March 8th 2004, just six days days before Wrestlemania and after weeks of Foley falling prey to the assaults of the powerful trio of Evolution, The Rock would return to Raw with only one thing on his mind – cheering up his friend and tag team partner. On this night The Rock would present “Mick Foley – This is Your Life!” However before The Brahma Bull could get to the ring we were treated to a very funny encounter with one of his “fiercest rivals”!

Later in the evening the time had come for The Rock to “finally…” come back to Bridgeport, Conneticut and return the favour of his former Tag Team Championship partner. Would it live up to one of the most watched segments in Raws history? Would Evolution plan to ruin The Connections party less than a week before their match at Wrestlemania? Well, in my opinion, it certainly didn’t disappoint!

(skip to 5:45)

Thats all for today folks. However trust me – this does not quite cover all the exciting moments from The Rock in this particular week in wrestling history. Check back over the next day or two where I aim to cover what is arguably the most relevant road to Wrestlemania the Great One has ever had with Cena just around the corner on April 1st!

Making the News Today in WWE

The Rock & John Cena’s Backstage Relationship and Notes on DDPs Yoga, Lillian Garcia , Steve Austin, MGK talks Wrestlemania and Ted DiBiase suffers another injury

Regarding the relationship between Dwayne Johnson and John Cena behind the scenes, while the two are cordial with each another, they are not the best of friends. There is genuine tension between both stars, which was said to have intensified in the weeks leading up to Survivor Series.

One former WWE insider who has worked with both Johnson and Cena said of their relationship: “They aren’t buddy-buddy, that’s for sure. I’ve heard they’ve disagreed about a lot of things. They aren’t big fans of one another personally, but they are willing to carry on with business.”

SmackDown ring announcer Lilian Garcia announced on Twitter that she will be appearing at Planet Hollywood Times Square (1540 Broadway — 45th Street) on Wednesday at noon for a Q&A session with fans.

You can also add new WWE United States Champion Santino Marella to the growing list of wrestlers who are using Diamond Dallas Page’s DDP Yoga. Others who have been using it include Kane, Chris Jericho, Shawn Michaels, Mick Foley and others.

Rapper Machine Gun Kelly, who’s song Invincible is being used for WrestleMania 28, has an interview in the new issue of WWE Magazine. Here’s what he had to say about Cena being a perfect representative for the song:

“Like me, I consider John Cena to be an underdog; The Rock is like this flashy Hollywood guy. You can’t give him a song like “Invincible” because no one would believe it. John Cena is all about being loyal to the fans, and so am I. I just dig him as a person. I saw the video they made, and the whole thing was intense. I loved all of it.”

WWE Hall of Famer Steve Austin has wrapped filming on his new movie The Package and will begin the promotional tour for the movie Recoil today.

Hornswoggle, who was featured in an angle at last night’s WWE SmackDown tapings, wrote the following on Twitter, indicating that he had to make a trip to the hospital:

“Hospital…ER…’nuff said”

WWE Superstar Ted DiBiase, who has been dealing with a wrist injury, says he broke his ankle at last night’s WWE tapings in Uncasville, CT. DiBiase wrestled a Superstars match against Jinder Mahal. He wrote on Twitter:

“DiBiase Posse last night I unfortunately broke my ankle. Can’t catch a break lately. Ha, Well I guess I did n a way! Its ok tho, James 1:2-3”

Monday Night Raw – 05/03/2012 – The Review

Well folks it’s that time of the week for another Monday Night raw review so lets jump straight in.  The show kicks off this week with the Heartbreak Kid Himself Shawn Micheals to a huge pop always glad to see the showstopper back. Shawn says he is there because  like everyone else wants to know why the Game Triple H accepted the Undertakers challenge last week after even Shawn Micheals failed to get him to accept the dead mans challenge previously.  Enter now The Game Himself Triple H to another big pop. Shawn talks up HHH saying how strong he is because he managed to turn away from Shawn when he was trying to push his buttons and goad him.  Shawn also said that he wanted to see what the world wanted to see and that’s the footage from last week which made Triple H change his mind they then aired footage from when Undertaker said that Shawn was better than HHH. Hunter tells Shawn that he didn’t accept the match because he wanted to prove he was better than but it stuck in the game’s gut that people talked of how Shawn couldn’t get the job done because according to Shawn he was the greatest performer in the ring ever.  HHH said the reason why he took up the undertakers challenge because he wanted to finish it , to end the streak and to end an era and for Shawn too. Shawn as you would expect offers him a rather sarcastic thanks in return.  Shawn said what hurt him was what he told HHH last year that he just couldn’t get the job done he couldn’t end the streak Shawn knew that he couldn’t get the job done.  Shawn says that he knows who will win again this year as he will be in the cage himself as special guest referee he then leaves.

As per the case of the last few weeks of Raw we start with a promo but once again like last week it was another awesome one. Two of the legends of the business in the ring together  you can really tell that these 2 guys have great chemistry together they spark off each other . For me there is an extra excitement to the match now that Shawn is guest referee some people have been telling me that they think it will take away a bit of spectacle from triple h and Undertaker I disagree with that.  For me it adds to it having Shawn involved these 3 have such a huge history it can only add to the intrigue of the match. If they build it right which I am sure that they will do over the coming weeks it will add more intrigue to the match too . Think about it HHH could start to say he could get the job done that even Shawn couldnt and beat the streak. This could lead to Shawn resenting that thought and get in peoples minds would Shawn screw hunter? would Shawn screw taker? I’m not saying this is the way it could go but it would be an interesting path. Either way their match at Mania is building well and the story is being told at the right pace can’t wait for the next part.

Match 1: Jack Swagger Vs Santino

Oh dear did we see Jack Swaggers new hair cut not a good look in my book. He is facing Santino here because the story here is Teddy Long is Raw GM for the night and booking the matches and he gets Santino a title shot because he is with Teddy and is his assistant on Smackdown.  Santino has been a real good worker since he started in the WWE from what I see they are starting to move him away from the comedy gimmick a bit now and move him more to be known for his wrestling. After his grand showing in the chamber you could also argue that he is just about deserving of his title shot now. Jack Swagger was joined at ringside by David Otunga , John Laurinaitis, Vickie Guerreo and Dolph Ziggler.  They are soon joined by supporters of Santino in Kofi Kingston, Teddy Long and Aksana.  We have an advert break and come back from it and Santino has the upper hand Laurinaitis tires to break it up but Teddy Long gets in the way . With all this distraction going on the outside  sneaks in a shot on Santino but Santino managed to strike back with the Cobra. Swagger then went and put the ankle lock on Santino which he countered with a roll up to get the win.

Winner: Santino (New US Champion)

It’s hard to comment on this match as they didn’t get long I think it was about 5-6 minutes and that’s including the adverts. I think it shows a lack of thought or push for the US Title as it seems from this match that it’s more of an afterthought to essentially put over an angle between the 2  general managers. Post Match Laurinaitis and Otunga were ejected from the arena there was big pops for that. I’m actually quite pleased for Santino my only hope now is that they keep the belt on him for a bit and build on it.

Rock History Lesson: Class One

next up is the first of The Rocks 3 promos of the evening we get him by the Boston harbour standing by a table full of various John Cena merchandise . They had it all there T-Shirts, Wrist Bands etc. The Rock cuts a promo basically trashing all these items throwing them into the river . I laughed at the wonder woman wrist bands.They really do sell some crazy shit if  all of what was sold on that table is true . I mean the John Cena Garden Gnomes? Rock talked about how it was probably owned somewhere by some 40-year-old virgin good line that. The best line was when Rock talked about the Cena cologne saying it smelled of Fear , Possum Piss and Fruity Pebbles. I can’t say I’ve ever smelt Possum Piss before but I can’t imagine it smells great.  A typical promo from the Rock trashy but fun . It’s the Rock doing what he does really well the guy is great on the mic and a great talker no doubt about that.

Match 2: Eve Vs Alicia Fox

Kelly Kelly was at ringside for this one . It was a very short match with Eve winning with a roll up in under a minute. I do like Eve’s heel turn and she is coming along as performer in the ring. I know people will say and quite rightly that Natalya and Beth are better performers but that’s missing the point All these divas deserve their shot as much as anyone and given the right amount of time they can improve their work so they can be even better performers.

Winner: Eve

After the match Zack Ryder comes out walking with the assistance of a cane she says he is glad that he never hooked up with Eve because it was all about the broeskis before the hoeskis.

We then get another advert break and when we come back from that we get a backstage segment with Eve and Zack Ryder. Zack says that he does not want to talk to Eve . Eve then kisses him and Zack Kisses her back . Eve leaves smiling and Zack is left with a rather goofy expression on his face.

We then get a shot of earlier on in the day with John Cena sitting in the empty arena. Cena started to talk about how the New England Patriots led the 2007  super bowl by a big lead  then lost. He saying that nobody remembers who finishes second place. It was an effective segment to get across the point of how much winning at Wrestlemania wins to John Cena. Cena was saying he needs to win he needs that moment. I don’t think Cena does really as he still be over no matter what but I get the point that Cena is trying to make the importance of it all. As I have said I really enjoyed this bit with Cena it was great way of pitting the match over and the importance of it all a great way of building another wrestlemania moment.

Match 3:  Sheamus & CM Punk Vs Daniel Bryan & Chris Jericho

we got an advert very early on in the match and when we get back to the match it was rather a strange one with all these 4 guys in the ring I was expecting something great but in the end it was just good it just didn’t seem to hit the mark no particular reason but it looked as though the timing was off in some places. Check when Sheamus shoves Jericho off when he goe’s for a bulldog Jericho goe’s feet first into the turnbuckle winced at that it looked painful to me. The team of Jericho and Bryan got the win when Jericho had Punk in the Walls of Jericho and Punk countered with a cradle which Jericho then revered to pick up the pin and win for his team.

Winners:  Chirs Jericho & Daniel Bryan

As I said it wasn’t a bad match but with all these 4 guys in the ring I had high expectations. It was still a fairly good match though . Punk was great again as ever and what I really like is that he sold his injury from his attack last week . Thats what they should do more often it helps get fans behind the babyfaces more if they sell the attack more than the inevitable comeback looks and works better.

Rock History Lesson: Class Two

The Rock this time is by the statue of Paul Revere . He posed a question what of John Cena led the american revolution? Rock says he would have got shot on sight just for what he is wearing.  He said if the Rock was there the woman would have been lining the streets waiting to give him some of their Boston Cream Pie. The Rock then treated us to a little song which ended with the line “rock stuck a feather up his ass and call him a Jabroni”. That was real funny the crowd in the arena loved it too.  The Rock again promised Cena he would be at the Arena again later.

Match 4: The Miz vs The Big Show

before the match even started we were treated to Cody Rhodes showing us another clip of another big show wrestlemania moment.  This one was from wrestlemania 18 where big show as at a wwe restaurant. Anyways back to the match if you can call that very short . The Miz was allowed to get a brief bit of offence in before Big SHow hit Miz with a spear then with the knockout punch.

Winner: The Big Show

The match was far too short to say anything about it really. I am looking forward to Rhodes vs Show at Wrestlemania though.

Rock History Lesson: The Final Class

The final Rock history lesson took place outside the statehouse in Massachusetts , The rock was saying that he’s entertained people all over the world but there is only  1 place in the world that he fights and thats inside a wwe ring.  This promo from the rock was a bit more serious and less jokey than his 2 earlier promos in the evening he stated that you can take it to the bank The Rock WILL beat John Cena at wrestlemania.

Match 5: Kane Vs R-Truth

Short match was more interesting at the start with a crazy act from R-Truth whilst talking into the camera. Kane won this very short match clean with a Chokeslam.

Winner: Kane

like a lot of the matches tonight apart from the tag it’s hard to comment on because it’s so short. Post Match Randy Orton comes out to deliver an RKO to Kane looks like we got another Wrestlemina match there folks.

And now we are at the top of the show and out comes John Cena to a being honest a fairly decent pop. He said the arena was packed it was electrified because the Rock is back.  He questioned why the Rock is always making fun of his look or talking about his well whatever he calls his penis nowadays. cena said we saw something unusual last week we saw the Rock shook up not in control.  He poked fun at himself by saying that unreal as it may seem the rock got shook up by a wonder woman transvestite. He was mocking himself quite a bit here even said that he looks ridiculous in the fact that he comes out to talk to the fans in his knee pads. Another god promo from Cena he talked and wondered which Rock would show up at Wrestlemania would it be the Rock of the 20 minute rambling promos or would it be the greatest superstar in WWE history?  He needed to beat the very best which is the Rock the Rock then gets called out. The rock storms straight out no posing this time he’s a man with a purpose . He told the crowd and the world what he saw in Cena and that was fear because he is taking everything away from Cena. He addressed Cena by saying he’s living in fear because when the Rock beats him at wrestlemania he will take away everything that John Cena has built up over the last 10 years.  The Rock was on a roll here he spoke of how Cena saying the rock was shaken by last week “you think you shook my confidence” the Rock said “look at me”.  The Rock wasn’t being the funny man and said to Cena when you strip everything away I’m the guy who will rip your throat out. and  Cena will go down in History as the Rocks Bitch then The Rock Left.

Cena was smiling during the rocks words and certainly wasn’t showing any fear. He mocked the Rock again for the words on his arm from last week by writing down the rocks height and weight. The Rock said e would lose everything if he lost to the Rock but he sure as hell wasn’t scared of him. And at Wrestlemania he would whip the Rocks ass.

The argument I have seen all over Twitter again is that Cena owned the Rock like last week . Although I agree John Cena slightly got the better of it I don’t think he “owned” him. The Rock was better than last week it seemed less formulaic and he was much more intense.  The key to it all for me is the build for Cena they are trying to book him or make him look like he can hang with the Rock and are booking him strong. They are doing a great Job Cena has impressed a lot of his doubters the hope for wwe is that Cena takes this momentum from this match into wrestlemania and beyond. The Rock is doing a great job of building this feud too and making Cena look strong before mania.

Final Thoguhts

I liked a lot of the show it was very promo heavy but when you get guys like HHH, Shawn, Cena and Rock that’s fine by me. The Build up to the Undertaker/HHH and Rock/Cena was done well and again has helped to build for Mania. The matches bar the tag match were a touch short for me with guys like R-Truth and The Miz basically jobbing.

 I wish they would do something more with the Divas and give the a bigger part of the show or a longer match to show of their talents more I mean there was no Divas champion on tv this week but we got a lot of face time for Eve who is doing well in the heel role.

Next week I would like more build up of the Punk/Jericho match as that kinda got sidelined this week.

anyway folks thanks for reading leave your thoughts and comments as always

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This Week In WWE

Ok so its that time again to review the week in WWE. I could talk about CM Punks twitter feud with Chris Brown continuing, his awesome promo he cut on Chris Jericho this week or his grade A match with Daniel Bryan. which I will but not now.

Cody Rhodes continued feud with The Big Show which has lead to The Big Shows first Wrestlemania title match in a long while. Which I personally think is long overdue. His work lately has bee some of his best and he has got Mark Henry & Daniel Bryan over very well .
Cody has now held the IC Title 200 days can Show end his run?

Raw SuperShow on the whole this week was very well put together, all the matches had a purpose and I thought the show flowed better than Elimination Chamber, it just had more continuity to it in my opinion. Stand outs for me this week were Dolph Ziggler (this guy really does just keep getting better) and a recent interview suggests he thinks the same (read it here). In total contrast for me The Miz was buried again. Maybe the heat from missing his spot with Truth is still very much with him.

So back to Jericho and Punk, this is going to be THE wrestling match at Wrestlemania, no doubt about it. It will roll like this,
Match with the most intensity – HHH vs The Undertaker
Biggest pop with the fans – The Rock vs John Cena
Stand Out Wrestling match – Chris Jericho vs CM Punk

it has all the makings of an epic which will need very little verbal exchange, although they are both in a class of there own on the mic, Punk has cut multiple promo’s now without saying a word and just raising the belt. This is the best way the WWE can make the WWE relevant and important at Wrestlemania.

So you may be wondering where the biggest news story is going to be mentioned and now is that time…FINALLY…. The Rock returned LIVE on Raw. Cutting promo’s that only The Rock can. Trending world wide #KUNGPOWBITCH #CENASMISSINGBALLS to quote but a few. but when all was said and done all the dust had settled The Great One was owned by Cena. After cutting a good 15 minute promo Cena’s one line silenced The Rock. I dont need my promo notes on my arm. The Rock was speachless and Cena in my opinion won over a good portion of the fans with this. The Rock is scheduled for a number of Raw shows over the next couple of weeks so lets see how this plays out.

As always if you agree with my opinions let me know, and if you don’t. Let me know and leave your comments.


Monday Night Raw 27/02/2012 – The Review

Howdy folks it’s that time of the week again for another Monday Night Raw review and this week it’s from the good city Portland, Oregon. We get a quick video highlights package of last week with John Cena’s Promo on the Rock I wrote about it last week in the Raw Review it was some mighty fine promo work by Cena should set it up well for tonight.

After the all theme music is finished we are left with the start of Raw with a rematch of the champion vs champion battle from last week on Smackdown between CM Punk and Daniel Bryan. There is a highlights package showing the screwy finish from smackdown.  But before this match can get underway we are treated to the sight of Chris Jericho coming out. Jericho comes out to start his promo on Punk by telling him that he thinks he’s good  just not as good as Jericho himself.  He didn’t need to prove it so much as punk did he didn’t need to put the fact he was the best in the world all over a t-shit he just was.  Jericho also talked some about his background , his journey how hard he had worked and all the touring he had done to be the best there is today. Yeah Jericho said there were people in the back who didn’t like him but he was still the success story.

Punk came back again praising Jericho stating that the world knows how good he is. He said he didn’t steal anything from Jericho. He said the best in the wold that’s been around for years didn’t Chris Jericho once remember Bret Hart saying “the best there is, the best there was, the best there ever will be”. That got a huge reaction from the crowd. He talked a bit too about his history and how hard he had worked to get where he was he had to fight every inch of the way but hey he’s here.  Jericho came back sating that every night for over 20 years he has proved he’s the best in the world he’s done it all headlined wrestlemanias, wrestled and beat every legend there is even when he said he’s the best in the world and the crowd booed he said go ahead boo as they all know it’s true.

Punk again praised Jericho saying he’s won championships he beat legends like  both Rock and Stone Cold  in 1 night but taunted Jericho for all that he has ever done he has never been the man like Punk is now.  Punk had the line of the night for me when he started getting heated when saying Jericho chose to go away be in a rock band , write books do game shows and the best was  “while I’m here swimming with sharks you were dancing with the stars” that was an awesome line.  Jericho stated that the one reason why he came back to the wwe was to embarrass Punk on the biggest stage of them all Wrestlemania. Punk said that’s all you ever need to say they didn’t need Mickey Rourke or Chris Brown just a ring and the two of them and he built up by saying that they could have the greatest wrestlemania match of them all .

Wow that promo work between those 2 guys was epic. Punks line about swimming with sharks was awesome they both put the other guy over too whilst putting over themselves. It was a fairly longish promo to start the show but they got through an awful lot. These 2 guys have such great chemistry together. The promo for me really put across how much this match means to the both of them It also set a high level of expectation for the match and it will only build before wrestlemania . Both are great workers 2 of the best if not best on the roster and again they are both 2 of the best on the mic on the roster so over the next coming weeks I expect more promo work and i have no problem with that if these 2 guys are involved.

Match 1:  CM Punk vs Daniel Bryan

We get the first match of the night up next with Daniel Bryan being walked down to the ring with A.J, John Laurinaitis and David Otunga.  We get back from the adverts and we have more guests at ringside with Santino there with Teddy Long representing smackdown.  There is a bit of action on the outside with Punk about to do a dive before A.J got in the way and stopped him Bryan then gets hold of Bryan and throws him into the ringside steps.  We get another advert break and the action is back in the ring this time with Bryan hitting a superplex on Punk.  Punk then started to take control hitting Bryan with a spinning neckbreaker and a running knee in the coroner. Punk managed to hit Jericho with a top rope elbow but Punk was selling his rib injury so didn’t cover Bryan.  It then all started to get a bit crazy Otunga was knocked down by Punk when he jumped on the apron.  Santino then got involved with Otunga . Bryan went to leave with his title but again was stopped by Sheamus as he tried to leave who threw him back in the ring. Punk hit the go to sleep on Bryan but John Laurinaitis ran in to disqualify Punk and give Bryan the win.

Everyone then gets in the ring and starts to argue Teddy long pushes down Laurinaitis and Otunga and Santino step in to try to break it up. Punk has left the ring by this point and is walking up the entrance way smiling when he is attacked  from behind by Chris Jericho who then puts him into the walls of Jericho with his foot on punks head.

Winner: Daniel Bryan by dq

I enjoyed the match in the short time we get from these guys I just wish they would give these guys 15-20 minutes advert free no interference and let them just go at it they are both great workers and given the right time they are both capable together of giving a really good match and they clearly enjoy being in the ring together.

We get another advert break and a couple of video packages the first a recap  of Jericho’s attack on Punk the second one is on the build-up the Undertaker/HHH wrestlemania match covering from last year to all the promos that have been done on the recently.

Match 2: Kelly Kelly vs Nikki Bella

Dear oh dear what did this match get a minute? Less than that Nikki got a rare bit of offence in at the start then Kelly Kelly quickly picked up the win with a bridging pin.

Winner: Kelly Kelly By Pinfall

How can you even rate this match? It also seems if the diva division is an afterthought you have good workers WWE why not use them? How can you begin to get people to care about divas when you give them less than a minute in a throwaway  match like this. It’s what we have come to expect from the divas but we can still always hope for better.

Before we come to the Miz/Cena match we get the Miz in the ring cutting a quick promo it was rather a strange one for a so called heel. He talked about how hard he had worked and no one had worked harder than him. If wwe needed anyone for public relations he was the guy they went to when he was champ that was certainly true. It just struck me a strange promo for a heel to get heat you say how hard your worked and how much you did for the company?. Miz stated that once again he would prove he would be worthy of wrestlemania by beating the guy he beat in the main event last year John Cena.

Match 3: The Miz vs John Cena

Cena started off the match as you would expect on top hitting a suplex and a back elbow on Miz. Cena went for the aa early but The Miz countered with his backbreaker combined with a neckbreaker which got him a pinfall to the count of two.  The Miz hit his running knee spot in the corner but Cena came back with  a backdrop for a count of two.  It was over quite quickly after the Miz hit a short ddt whilst Cena was on the floor . Cena hit the running shoulderblock then the five knuckle shuffle and the attitude adjustment. He picked up with by licking the Miz in the stf for a submission win.

Winner: John Cena by submission

a squash match for Cena basically to make him look strong going into his program with the rock. The miz rather urgently needs a character re work he’s going nowhere fast as a heel the guy just needs a shot in the arm no one really believed he had a chance here. As John Cena is celebrating we get a shot of the Rock backstage he does the John Cena “you can’t see me sign” and the screen fades to black.

Match 4: R-Truth 7 Kofi Kingston vs Dolph Ziggler & Jack Swagger vs Epico & Primo

A tag match on raw involving proper tag teams such a rarity. The rule of this match were pretty simple 3 of the guys could be in the ring at any time whilst the other 3 tag partners had to be on the outside till they got tagged in. Kingston started off the match on a hot streak hitting a cool looking dropkick on Primo then a side kick on Ziggler. Swagger then got involved with Kingston and they fell to the floor where now all 6 of the guys were.

We come back to the match after the break and we get R-truth squaring off against both Ziggler and Primo .It’s all a bit chaotic in the ring as these type of matches always are R-Truth hits a nice looking neck breaker on Primo and Ziggler at the exact same time. We then get a flurry of tags with Kofi, Epico and Swagger all entering the ring. Kofi like he started he match is on fire with a double boot to swagger and a boom drop on both Epico and Swagger good looking spot that.  Ziggler enters the ring hits the Zig Zag on Kofi but R-Truth takes him out of the ring. We then get another flurry of moves with Swagger with the ankle lock on Epico Kofi hits the trouble in paradise on Swagger. Primo gets the win with the backstabber on Swagger.

Winners: Primo & Epico

I quite enjoyed the match with these guys you involved you would expect a fast paced match and that’s what we got. It’s about time though that epico and primo got a proper tag teams to feud against. wwe needs to build up its tag teams again and Epico and Primo make a good team.

Eve is out next with Justin Roberts in the ring cutting a promo she looked fine by the way mighty fine.  She said there wasn’t a man out there who wouldn’t want to get used by her.  She said she had men crumble at her feet she then blew a kiss to the fans and left. A strange promo I know they are trying to get Eve over as a heel but to me she didn’t seem to be drawing much heat from the crowd so not quite sure it’s quite working yet but time will tell.

before the tag match that got announced earlier between Big Show & Sheamus vs Rhodes & Mark Henry we get treated to Cody Rhodes talking more trash bout the big show saying that Cotto is boxing mayweather and he barely weighs 150 pounds which makes Show’ s loss to Mayweather at wresetlemania  that much worse.

Match 5: Big Show & Sheamus vs Cody Rhodes & Mark Henry

The match barely got a minute Cody straight away tagged in Mark Henry, Cody left as Mark Henry got knocked down by the Big Show. Sheamus picked up the win for his team when Show tagged him in and he hit the brogue kick for the win.

Winner: Big Show & Sheamus by Pinfall

A bit of a duff match done basically to put over the show vs rhodes feud. Mark Henry is another guy whose star seems to have fallen rather quickly I know he’s carrying injuries but what happened to the monster Heel who was beating everyone? This was the guy who beat Orton clean twice remember and now he’s losing in less than a minute not good for mark Henry at all.

The Rock Promo

So we come to the top of the show and it’s time for the Rock promo as you would expect he gets  a large ovation and pop when his music hits and he comes out.  The rock comes out sand says he feels good yeah he says he’s not here every week but he has been here for years and he loved it. He put over the wwe by saying that he wouldn’t be where he is or who he is today without the wwe. He said then when he said he would never go away again it was true but it didn’t mean he would be here every week I’m a little confused by that I guess. He said the only reason why he is here in the ring is because he loves the wwe. He says he will always be a part of the wwe.

It’s now time for him to address Cena he always thought of Cena as a phony because Cena’s the guy who went to private school and pretended to be a thug. The Rock said he doesn’t think Cena is a phony now or a bad guy but he does think he is a kung pow bitch. Rock brought up the fact that Cena talked about how he fights for the guys out the back but Rock said he fights for them and points to the crowds cue another big pop for the great one. He started to say what a lot of fans think that they are tired of having this Kung Pow Bitch forced down their throats every night. “King Pow Bitch” according to the Rock was now trending worldwide and so was “cena’s lady parts”. The Rock then started playing to the crowd encouraging the lady parts chants and the”rocky”chnats . he then said that only change that Cena has ever made is changing from the jean shorts to the camouflage shorts because we can’t find Cen’s balls forever cue anther trending topic of cena’s missing balls” .

John Cena then comes out with a big smile on his face and at first I thought this would be another typical Cena promo but he then called Dwayne a selfish son of a bitch who wouldn’t give a rats ass if the wwe company the claims to love so much went down tomorrow. Cena said that unlike Rock he doesn’t need things to trend just like he doesn’t need his notes for his promo on his wrist good line that. Cena promised that he would beat the hell out of the rock at Wrestlemania he then left.

The Rock said as always Cena leaves before he can slap the taste out of his mouth he said that all that  really matters is when it comes to Wrestlemania the rock will kick John Cenas candy ass and the show ends.

They were two good promos for me but even as I type this I’m surprised to admit but I thought cena’s was more effective. Cena really managed to put a marker down here and the line about the promo notes on the rocks wrist even seemed to surprise the rock. Now I’m not sure whether there is genuine heat between these guys or not but it certainly looked personal and heated in there which makes the anticipation for when they get it on that much more.  The crowd are certainly loving it that’s what going to sell wrestlemania huge because everyone wants to see what’s going to happen between these 2 guys. The rock is electrifying as ever in the ring and it will only help John cvena by being in the ring with him.

Final Thoughts

It was a strange show the end and the start was great . They are certainly setting the build for the main wrestlemania matches between punk vs Jericho and Rock vs cena and their promos were fantastic . I liked the tag match but as there was no real feud attached to it didnt mean as a much to me they need a tag team to feud with and quick. The divas match was short as ever and no divas champion on the show yet Eve gets promo air time? I was expecting to have seen Kharma by now but there is still time yet.

Thanks’ for reading as ever folks please comment as ever with your thoughts and opinions

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New Writers and New Posts!!

Hey folks


I know it’s been a few days since any post has been updated on the site but we have been reviewing the staff and the columns that will be posted on here. We have got a clear plan in place now going forward and it’s as follows



The weekly Divas and knockouts column will be posted by our very own Steph on Mondays. Steph will take a look at all the Diva and knockout action over the week give her thoughts on storylines characters and all news and rumours in the world of the divas and knockouts.


It will be yours truly that will be posting the raw report every Tuesday here at the realwrestle as usual I’ll give my thoughts  on the show and the matches with play by plays and rundowns on the weeks shows.


Neil will be writing a new weekly column entitled “on this day  in wrestling” where he will look back on that day to historic matches or events in wrestling on that day should be a fun piece.


Brad will be writing the thursday column which will involve a run down of all the wwe news and rumours and events of the week . Brad will also be giving his own unique take on the wwe shows of the week too in his weekly column.


Tori will be writing the weekly piece on all things TNA for therealwrestle she will be covering the weekly impact tv show plus all news and rumours regarding the Impact wrestling. With any luck she will be writing up the tna pay per views reviews too!


Saturday will be turn of pur new writer Paul who will be covering all things Smackdown and be writing the review up of it on a weekly basis.


Neil will be pulling double duty and writing up the weekly column of all things fcw it’s an area that’s quite often overlooked on most wrestling websites but it’s where future stars are made so we wanna tell you about it. Neil will be writing it up on a weekly basis.

well there ya go folks we got every day of the week now covered which is all good. I myself will be writing another column for the site and I am starting a career tribute series with the first one being done on the undertaker. I hope you all enjoy the content coming out of the site we have some very talented writers on board here and we look forward to talking all things wrestling with you all.

If you folks have any idea of that columns and pieces on the site let us know we want the site to be for wrestling fans and to get you all involved.

The Week in Review

On the back of our This week in WWE post which 100% focused on Monday Night Raw I thought it would be an idea to review the week as a whole. Elimination Chamber, Raw fallout and then Tuesday Night Smackdown, and most importantly how this week really as began to shape Wrestlemania.

First of  Elimination Chamber , I have to say overall not the worst PPV I have seen but on an equal measure not the best either. I saw a few tweets suggesting if  Elimination Chamber  had been ran in a different order it would have made all the difference and it was on the money.

Couple of standout performances or me where

Santino Marella – He was on fire, got totally over and with out a shadow of a doubt he made the most of every second on that main event platform. He took  a few bumps very well, and proved that he can actually wrestle and carry a match. What the they did to him on Raw the following night was totally wrong and unnecessary, in my opinion.

Tamina Snuka / Beth Pheonix – This is the first time in recent memory that I actually looked forward to a divas match, and that is simply because the WWE give them very limited exposure and most Divas matches are patch worked together. They give the impression there is not thought or build up to them and are just eye candy time fillers. This was not that kind of match at all, decent build up good back and forth and it really was a credit to all the Divas. Hopefully this is the beginning of a great programme.

Raw Chamber Match – Ziggler (s and always will be a poor mans Billy Gunn), Kofi and Punk. Ziggler took a number of god bumps and really showed that he is really on his way to being a main event star. Equally so for Kofi, as in the Elimination Chamber  debate, he has been over looked for too long. Then they go and put him back in a tag team match this time with Truth. They beat the tag champs so what does that tell you. Rather than an actually legit tag team being champs its probably going to end up with Koi & Truth! Then again on Smackdown . Dont see the point of them loosing to Swagger and Ziggler though.

Smackdown Chamber – Other than the afore mentioned Santino Marella, Wade Barrett and Big Show stole the show for me. I didn’t think Show would last too long or have any stand out moments but I was very wrong.  Barrett looked, more than once that he could have won and took the title. Hope that he recovers quickly from the partial dislocation he suffered on Raw and makes it back in time for Mania.

The fallout from Raw has seen a good starting point to a Big Show v Cody Rhodes programme which I think will really let Cody shine and get him some much deserved focus. Don’t understand Show dropping Bryan so quickly but this isn’t the first and wont be the last time this has happened. Do definitely prefer the Big Show as a face rather than heel.

Moving on to  Raw  the HHH Taker segment stole to the show, these guys really are masters of there craft. Thee back and forth these guys have ad for the last couple of weeks building up to this really as gave there match at Mania something different. Add to that the confirmation this will now be a Hell In A Cell, screams match of the year contender.

After finishing of Kane at the Chamber , Cena is firmly focused on The Rock he cut a grade A promo with passion is definitely bringing his A game. Will be interesting to see how The Rock responses this Monday. I keep wondering if all the stories about  The Rock  are true and the reasons he returned to the WWE. He has been slated by CM Punk, Randy Orton, and most recently a number of random stars, who would prefer to remain nameless. I really cant see  The Rock  taking the win at Mania but definitely will be interesting to see how is plays out.
The Eve, Zack Ryder angle is also worth noting, have not really been a fan of it until this week when Eve has clearly taking a very quick heel turn.

Punk v Bryan match on  Smackdown was a good match. All Daniel Bryan’s match’s lately look like he really is being carried by his opponent. He recent match with Randy Orton was his best to date since winning the title, that is until this weeks match with  Punk . Addition of the GM bickering was a little point less but I guess it enhances there storyline a little.  Punk really shone in this match from what looked like an early tumble effecting his arm and the face planting himself with a suicide dive. He really is the best in the world.

Other notes –

Ezekiel Jackson shocked you are getting booked to job for Mr ‘I couldn’t be a star if I was thrown by a ninja’ David Otunga, you deserve a lot better. And Jonny Ace your mic skills are shocking, and your Teddy Long dance moves are even worse.

Would also like to say that Ron Simmons entering in the the Hall Of Fame Class of 2012 is in my opinion a great addition to the HoF and a very deserving Super Star.

This week worldwide trends included –
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Monday Night Raw 02/20/2012 – The Review

Hi Folks it’s that time again for another monday night Raw Review before I get into the review I want to say a big thanks to the very talented Kat for creating the graphic for the review this week she will be doing  a lot more graphics for the site and her work will make the site  stand out even more thanks Kat! She’s on twitter if you want to find her at @katairbourne

Anyway back to the show folks it’s the Raw after the elimination chamber if you havent read it yet I wrote a recap of it here. Raw kicks off with a little video of what happened last week  on Raw between Eve/Ryder/Kane and Cena.  After the video finishes we are taken to the backstage area where we see Eve talking with the Bella twins (yes they’re still employed by the wwe folks).  This wasn’t pretty folks Eve is seen laughing about the show last week with Ryder and , when she kissed Cena.  As we expected from last weeks reaction to her Eve starts to trash talk Ryder saying that she only used him to get to Cena and that Ryder never stood a chance with her anyway. At his point John Cena walks in and Eve has the horrified look on here face and we get the credits for the start of the show.

John cena comes out as Raw starts to the ring and I’ll be honest he didn’t come out to his normal mixed reaction it was actually quite a good pop for him . But before Cena could even speak at all Eve walks out onto the stage.  She was pleading to Cena that she didn’t mean what she said that her words were just taken in the wrong way . Cena cut her off stating that she cost him his best friend (broeski) over it a hoe (hoeski). Cena started to say that Eve should set her sights on the Rock instead as they are both scandalous bitches (that’s a unxpexcted line on a pg show). The crowd was very into it at this point . Cena came out with another non pg line when he said that he wanted to remain disease free so essentially Cena is calling Eve a …. well I’m sure you folks know.

Eve in desperation go’s for another kiss with Cena he manages to get out-of-the-way and some refs came out to help eve. Funny isn’t it someones get a beat down and you can’t get a ref from anywhere yet a hoeski crys and you get two of them quite strange.

Effective opening segment Eve now being turned heel well after last week it was the only realistic way her character could go. As for Cena well he’s back in the nice guy now and it was effective in getting that across when he rejected Eve.

Match 1: Sheamus Vs Mark Henry

The suspended Mark Henry was allowed to wrestle here thanks to the Interim Raw GM John Laurinaitis who cleared him to wrestle . It was a very short match really I think it barely got a couple of minutes. Henry went for the worlds strongest slam Sheamus managed to counter it then hit the brogue kick for the pin and win.  Curious isn’t it? Remember when Henry was dominating everyone a few months back and cleanly beating Orton and now he’s back jobbing to Sheamus strange.  it does put over Sheamus well and he is very over right now and the crowd popped big for the brogue kick finisher.

we are taken back to the backstage area now where we have John Laurnaitis and David Otunga were talking and in walks the playa Teddy Long. They talked a bit of trash to each other back and forth and made up a 10 man battle royal for later from the losers from the chamber with the winner getting a shot at the wwe title.  Another match is set up too between Otunfa and a opponent of Teddy Longs choice bet that match will be a 5 star classic!

Match 2 Primo & Epico vs Kofi Kingston & R-Truth

A short effective match not that much longer than the Shemaus match might have even been shorter. Kofi wins it for his team when he hits the trouble in Paradise on Primo. I quite like R-truth and Kofi as a team . WWE need more teams at the minute as it needs to build up the tag team division. Whether this is a permanent team or not I don’t know or what this means for Evan Bourne I’m not sure but if it means we get more tag matches and tag teams im all for it. I remember the days of the Dudley boys,Hardy Boys, Edge and Christian, Haas and Benjamin etc if we can get something  like that on the roster I’ll be  happy boy.

Next up is the announcement of the next guy to go in the WW hall of fame and it’s Ron Simmons aka Farooq. I’m a supporter of this I like Ron Simmons work wether it be is the leader of Nation of Domination , The Acolytes , The APA he’s a had a career of good solid work so I’m happy for the guy he deserves it. I guess if one one word be used to describe the announcement it would be DAMN!. Had to get that line in there.

Another backstage segment now with Josh Matthews doing an interview with Chris Jericho who is pissed first that he wasnt;t really beat in the chamber and he didn’t agree with the fact he was medically unfit to continue. He stated once again that he was the best in the world. He was the only guy to really talk about the chamber match from the previous night.

Match 3: Ezekiel Jackson vs David Otunga

This was a brutal match you gotta feel slightly sorry for Ezekiel to lose to Otunga in 2 minutes doesn’t bode well for you especially as you remember that Otunga rarely wrestles on the tv nowadays. Couldnt Teddy Long get anyone else? I suppose the angle is proceeding with Laurinaitis getting one over on Teddy Long so they were always going to lose to Otunga and they didn’t want to hurt any of the top guys on Smackdown so Ezekiel had to do the job I guess.

The Dead man makes his appearance

Undertaker started to cut a promo similar to what he been saying in the previous video clips that has been shown on Raw the last few weeks he stated that Him and HHH were an end of an era in wrestling.  HHH came out to a fairly nice pop in his coo suit.  HHH went to speak, undertaker cut him and called Hunter out for being pitiful for not taking the match for wrestlemania.  HHH used the same line that he used the other week when stating that the match would be bad for business.  Undertaker stated that whatever way HHH wanted to twist he wa sa coward the crowd was chanting coward at this point and you could see HHH was getting more intense too.

HH leaves the ring at this point and the Undertake is continuing to goad him and try to rile Hunter. Undertake then started to taunt HH baout Shawn Micheals saying HHH was just like him he knew he couldnt get the job done and that he knew Shawn was better than him. HHH sure is getting mad now back in the ring now free of his jacket and tie he says he knows he could get the job done and end the Undertaker. HHH was really on a roll here, he is awesome on the promo like this he’s steaming at Undertaker now saying “you want an end? you want mania? well you got it”. As you expect that drew a huge pop from the crowd.  Hunter says it will only happen on one condition though and that’s HELL IN A CELL that drew an ever bigger pop. Undertaker leaves the ring without accepting the match but we do find out later that it’s all on for wrestlemania.

Wow that was another awesome promo from them two. They tell such a good story in the ring together . I marked out when Undertake told HHH that he always knew that Shawn was better than him. Hunter was brilliant here you could se his intensity growing as the promo went on asUndertaker was goading him into the match the crowd were really into it too. It’s going to be a top match at Mania two of the biggest legends in wwe going at in a hell in a cell match one more time to decide just who is really the best wrestler out of the two. It’s another match to be excited about at Wrestlemania especially with the likelihood of Shawn Micheals being involved too.

Match 4: Santino vs Daniel Bryan

I have 2 thoughts on this one, on  one hand it’s great for Bryan as this was a squash match as bryab made Santino tap out in a minute with the Labell lock you need to get over as dominant champion and this helps. The other point is it’s a bit of a kickback for santino after he performed so well in the chamber he loses here in under a minute.

Match 5: Kelly Kelly & Aksana vs The Bella Twins

Oh dear after a good divas match last night at the camber this was total car crash. 4 divas win the ring and Kelly Kellys the best worker in the ring then you got a problem. I ‘m not sure what was worse the switching of the bellas to get the win as we see every time they wrestle or the performance  of Aksana. did you see her elbow drop? that was a horror show it really was. Is this really the best the diva division can offer? truly awful

John Cena and the Rock Promo

remember the Promo Cena cut after the Rock first came back last year? this was similar to that and it was good real good in fact and Cena needs to do it more often. He did say a lot of the same things he has said before referencing the rock not being there a lot and stuff like that.  He talked about Rock having  a joke writer named Brian for his jokes and promos he’s the same guy who has written loads of the start promos including some of Cena’s no doubt. Cena kept calling Rock Dwayne saying he now has a load of flunkies working for him. He even took a pop at his own movies 12 rounds and the reunion he’s not wrong those movies really did suck. He even cut a semi-shoot promo on the rock saying that he only came back to publicize his twitter account and the new fast & furious movie.  He talked about how the rock would have to Kill him because the headline will read that John Cena beat The Rock in the biggest wrestlemania match ever in the rocks own hometown and told him he will see the movie star next week then throws down the microphone and leaves the ring. Got big pops from the crowd that did. It was a fantastic promo by cena it’s really building up their match and them being on the show next week live.

Thier match is building up to be one hell of a main event at Mania and all the promos are really helping Cena was talking  a lot of Truth in his promo about how the rock said now that he had returned he would never go away again but he did.Rocks talked a lot of truth in his promos too it’s a an effective way of building up their match . I  don’t know if the 2 guys really don’t like each otheror if they are  good friends we don’t know but it’s working it’s got people’s interest and if it makes Cena cut promos like this then all the better.

Match 6 The Main Event the 10 man Battle Royal

Before the match starts we have CM punk come down to do commentary on the match. The match itself got about just over 10 minutes. The New tag team of Kofi & R-Truth eliminated the miz. It felt like a bit of a step back for Miz after he performed so well in the chamber last night he was first out here. Santino managed to eliminate both Barret and & R-Truth he’s getting a good record in events like this 2nd place in a Royal Rumble last year winning the smackdown battle royal the other week. After this we got the injury to Barret it happened when the big show picked up Ziggler and threw him over the top rope onto Barret and R-Truth . it looked like Barret was trying to protect Ziggler but caught his arm. You could hear him swearing on the camera. The camera was on Vicki and she looked horrified you got the refs giving the X sign and the medics  were out right away  it didn’t look good at all.

we got down to a final four of Jericho, Rhodes,Big Show and Santino . Cody clotheslines santino right over the top ropes right by where Barret was which wasnt that smart as could have hurt Barret more. Big SHow then elimianted Jericho with one hand. Jericho  grabbed the big show in a headlock . Jericho was trying to pull him out when back came Cody Rhodes helping pull big show out of the ring to give Jericho the win and title shot. I guess with that it’s setting up something with the Big show and Rhodes for a feud.

It was a good battle royal it seemed pretty obvious that Jericho would win he was always going to face Punk at Mania and it’s a god way of putting him over by beating all the other guys. A real shame about Barret looked like a broken arm the guy was really getting into his stride again to and was awesome in the chamber last night.

Final Thoughts

I really enjoyed the show The promo work from cena/undertaker/HH was awesome it’s setting a big build for Mania now. And with Jericho winning that’s confirmed Punk vs Jericho for mania too so you can expect some killer promos in the next few weeks from those guys too. The matches well  some of them were effective too . I liked the batttle Royal and was pleased that Bryan went over strong with just over  a month to Mania we now have Cena Vs The Rock, Sheamus Vs Orton, Undertaker vs HHH and Jericho vs Punk with some more matches to be added it should be a hell of a show.

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Elimination Chamber 2012 – A preview

Hey Folks this is the first of what will be a regular feature here at the realwrestle and that’s the ppv review. I will give a run down of all the matches How I think it will go and give my predictions. I am looking forward to the event though If I’m honest 1 chamber match appeals a lot more than the other but we will come to that in a bit. I’ve also included polls in the preview so give you a chance to get involved and vote as to what you think will happen.

The Big Show vs Wade Barret vs Cody Rhodes Vs Daniel Bryan Vs Santino Vs The Great Khali World Heavyweight title Match

This one could up being a real car crash and I can’t say I am much looking forward to this match at all. Most of the match will have to rely on the work of Barret, Bryan and Rhodes they will inevitably have to carry most of the work . Big Show is ok in short bursts but for long terms matches it’s always a struggle but at least he deserves his spot. That moves me on to my main issue that even before the match starts it’s hurting.  2 of the guys involved in this match should really be nowhere near it.  I am of course talking about the Great Khali and Santino. I have no problems with these 2 guys personally but to put them in a headline match in a ppv? Both of them are a bit of a comedy gimmick to me  It stretches the entire credibility of the match because straight away you have 2 guys who you know have no chance of winning. I also struggle as there is no real strong face in here . I have heard that from smackdown this week Big Show is starting another heel turn so who is the guy to cheer for here? I don’t Know. I expect to see good work from Bryan, Rhodes and Barret but there should only really be one winner here and that has to be Daniel Bryan it’ll make him look strong going into wrestlemania and it’ll be his strongest victory yet since he’s been champion. The last thing I will say is there could be a mysterious guest come in perhaps beat  Santino and take his place. It happened with Edge a few years ago I wouldn’t be too surprised if the same thing happens here Maybe Del Rio? or Christian?

Prediction: Daniel Bryan

Beth Phoenix vs Tamina Snuka

I am quite looking forward to this one it’s actually quite good to see 2 divas who can actually wrestle having a match on a ppv. Beth is ahead of Tamina  in her work as a performer but equally Tamina is really improving and is already far ahead of a lot of the other divas in wwe right now. I like the fact that they are recognising her dad the legend Jimmy Snuka and like the way she honors that with her finishing move. As for the match I expect Beth to retain because I expect to see Beth Vs Kharma at Mania so she should go over here  But I’m happy a talented diva is getting a push and long may it continue.

Prediction: Beth Phoenix

Kane vs John Cena (Ambulance match)

A lot of split opinion on this one it’s been a curious angle . I am not really  a big fan of this whole feud and I’m not really certain where it’s going or the point of it all. I still don’t see Cena turning heel anytime soon personally it seems to be a way of making Cena look good before Mania by beating the monster Kane. It’s appeared very cheesy at times . There has been some good elements to the story especially when it’s brought out Cena’s More aggressive side. But there have been too many moments of cheesiness like the attempted kidnapping of eve and Cena kissing eve etc.

As for the match itself I’m mixed on it last months match at the royal rumble I thought sucked really . And you know ambulances matches are never good I would have prefered a last man standing match myself. That would have worked better for Cena’s character for me as he could have beaten Kane to such  extent that he couldn’t stand would have put over the more aggressive side of cena too. Either was I’m expecting this angle to end here because Cena’s Program with the Rock is due to start soon and that I’m excited about. I am a fan of both these guys and I’ll give credit to Kane he is effective as this monster heel. The only real and sensible outcome here is for Cena to go over before Mania . It would make no sense for the main babyface to lose right before his big program with the Rock.One last point on this match was it a wise idea for the Cena/Eve Kiss on Raw? Wont it make it harder to cheer for the guy who kisses his best friends girlfriend? As I have said it’s been a pretty confusing storyline.

Prediction: John Cena

Chris Jericho Vs The Miz Vs Dolph Ziggler VS CM Punk vs Kofi Kingston vs R-Truth – WWE Title

This one without a doubt should be match of the night all 6 guys are talented and are more than capable of putting on a great match. Many people’s expectations out there are that it will be either CM punk Or Jericho to win. I’ll be honest and say I agree with that but it wont stop my enjoyment of the match I think. The only slight concern I have is the other guys in this match seem to have been treated as an afterthought as the story has been so concentrated on punk and Jericho.

I would expect Kofi in this match to hit  some high-flying spots to get the crowd going. My best guess it’ll be either R-Truth or Miz that gets eliminated first because R-Truth is bonkers and The Miz is just so far down the naughty list right now.  I would also expect to see Dolph go quite far in this one too he will be champion by the end of the year so he should get a good showing in this match. Jericho and Punk should be the last two in the chamber and will be as most of the attention has been on them two . It’s a going to be a bit of a tease for their match at Wrestlemania. I’ve changed my mind several times over who is likely to win. But in the end I plumped for Punk and expect him to retain at Mania  too either way this should be a great match.

Prediction: CM Punk

Well that’s the preview done folks  Hope you enjoyed itt.don’t forget to vote in the polls and leave your comments. are you excited about this event? who you expect to win? what match you most looking forward to?

I wont be covering the event live but will write about it on monday I would think