TNA Impact Wrestling 03/29/2012

We start off with seeing the World Champion, Bobby Roode, coming out to the ring with several rent-a cops. He goes into his speech saying that he won the war with Sting stepping down as GM (General Manager) & that TNA President, Dixie Carter got hers for sticking her nose into Bobby’s business. Bobby then went into saying that the officers were not there for his protection but rather they were for The Cowboy, James Storm‘s protection. Bobby even said that he was far better than Storm & would prove it at Lockdown. The Cowboy came out to the ring wanting to get his hands on Bobby but settled for telling him or more to the point he asked Bobby “What kind of man touches a woman?” in reference to what Bobby did to Dixie at Victory Road. Storm went to get his hands on Bobby but as usual Bobby scooted out of the ring after some assistance from Bully Ray this all set the tone for them to have a main event match later. 

Cameras roll in the back & we see The Knockout Champion, Gail Kim, talking to her BFF Madison Rayne.  Madison was apologizing for how she has been acting the past weeks & Gail surprised her with a gift. Madison got all wide eyed when she opened it to find a tiara inside. Gail told her that no matter what that she’d always think of Madison as a queen. Then Gail told her that she knew without a doubt that Madison would kick Velvet Sky‘s butt in there upcoming match in the night. 

~~ Match One.. Knockout Single’s Match ~~

Madison Rayne vs Velvet Sky

  Madison took it to Velvet early on in the match but Velvet was able to turn the tide & even got an early 2 count pin before Madison was able to kick out. Madison regained control in the match but Velvet was able to kick Madison off her in the corner then face planted her bulldog style & got the win. 

   WINNER: Velvet Sky by pinfall (after the match Velvet was interviewed outside the ring by Christie Hemme. She told Gail Kim that she will get a rematch with her & will become the new Knockout Champion)

We got to see a pre-taped segment of Dixie Carter & Hulk Hogan talking about her offer to Hogan for him to become the new GM of Impact Wrestling. Hogan told her that he knew his past choices in regards to his actions alongside Eric Bischoff were not the best times in his career but that he had made peace with himself, Sting & all the other wrestlers. In Hogan’s mind he sees himself as “the ship has already sailed” meaning he should move on from wrestling but Dixie begged him to think about it & asked him to be at the Impact Zone later that night to give her his official answer. Hogan agreed & the taped segment ended. You could hear by the fans reaction to what they saw that they all want Hogan to become the new GM but they as all others would have to wait until later in the night to find out his decision.

The X Division Champion, Austin Aries, comes out to the ring to talk about what had happened the week prior between he & Bully Ray when Bully put a boot to his face. He looked serious when he said that he “had a set” bigger than both of Bully’s calves & that he knew James Storm was set to fight both Bully & Bobby Roode in a handicapped match but that he wanted to fight beside Storm to make it a tag match. (We’d find out later that Storm agreed to have Aries team up with him in the main event.)

~~ Match Two ~~

Crimson vs Matt Morgan

  This match started & not necessarily ended outside the ring. There was a brief period of time where these two fought in the ring & to coin a phrase “slobberknocker” would be an understatement. The volatile nature of these two has been brewing but it exploded at Victory Road when Crimson speared his tag partner & then left him to finish the match. There was no winner so Crimson’s undefeated streak continues but I foresee many more brutal matches to come for these two. 

   WINNER: Neither due to double count out

The storyline of Abyss‘ mysterious disappearance continues as we see his brother, Joseph Park, asking for any information about Chris aka Abyss. When will this storyline come to an end? And when will Abyss reappear? We all will have to wait & see. 

~~ Match Three ~~

Mr. Anderson vs Jeff Hardy

  The match started out routinely with each man gaining & losing the advantage but it was a solid match for each competitor. With both Jeff & Mr. Anderson giving their all. Then when the referee’s back was turned Kurt Angle came running out. He delivered a low blow to Jeff from behind then ran Jeff’s head into a corner pole before ducking down outside the ring so the referee wouldn’t see him there. Mr. Anderson had no clue as to what Kurt had done but he gained the one.. two.. three win none the less.

   WINNER: Mr. Anderson by pinfall

We get to see a clip of ODB & Eric Young (reigning Knockout Tag Champions) talking to a wedding planner. They looked at dresses, pillows for their rings & etc but ODB sent the lovely wedding planner out, telling her they didn’t need her after the planner started getting a little too friendly with Eric in ODB‘s eyes. She then sat back down beside Eric & told him that they’d be getting married 3 days before Lockdown at the Impact Zone in a Steel Cage. Eric was all excited & the two love birds kissed before their segment ended. 

Eric Bischoff comes out to the ring gloating about his contract & that it states he can get air time anytime that he wants. He even talked about being so amazing that he amazes himself daily. And not just that but that he makes a check list of things to do & that he’d gotten one list item completed. This being to have Sting step down as GM. But he hasn’t gotten one very important item completed & that is his son, Garrett Bischoff, to leave Impact Wrestling. Eric then called out his son & wanted “the prick” to come down to the ring for a final ultimatum. Garrett (as most knew he would) came down to the ring to confront his father & hear what he had to say. Eric then told Garrett for him to take his warning & leave wrestling or that he’d be hurt. Eric went on to tell Garrett that at Lockdown he’d be in a cage match against Gunner unless he opted to leave Impact Wrestling then & there. Garrett grabbed the mic from Eric & told he that in no way was he leaving wrestling & that he would gladly see Gunner at Lockdown for a cage match. 

~~ Match Four: Main Event Tag Match ~~

Bully Ray & Bobby Roode vs Austin Aries & James Storm

  Aries starts off against Bully. Bully proceeded to do a lot of trash talk for a while then he turned & tagged in Roode.  Aries showed off his speed & agility against Roode factors that have become synonymous with the X Division. But Roode & Bully teamed up against Aries to gain the upper hand with their size & strength but Aries was finally able to get Storm tagged in. Storm took it to both Bully & Roode with Roode sliding out of the ring. Aries was outside trying to regain his breath as Roode slid out & grabbed Storm’s beer, taking a huge swig. Roode climbed back in & Storm ducked just as Roode spit the beer out aiming to blind Storm but instead caught Bully full on in the face with it. Storm delivered a super kick to Bully as Roode rolled out of the ring with the referee looking straight at him then Storm pinned Bully.

   WINNER: James Storm & Austin Aries by pinfall

TNA President, Dixie Carter, came out & called Hulk Hogan to the ring. She asked him for his decision about the GM position with Impact Wrestling. Hogan started to not accept saying again that his “ship had sailed” but Sting comes walking out with A.J. Styles, Matt Morgan, Garrett Bischoff, James Storm, Jeff Hardy, Mr. Anderson & Devon Dudley behind him. The Stinger asked Hogan what he was going to do, that Impact, the other wrestlers & the fans wanted him to be GM & that they believed in him. Hogan asked one question of Sting, “Will you the Stinger have Hulk Hogan’s back?”. Sting quickly answered “YES!”. Then we got to hear Hogan’s response to Dixie’s request. Hogan agreed to become Impact Wrestling’s NEW GM! 


~ Final Thoughts ~

This was overall a good night. Lots of things happening through out the night. The idea of Garrett Bischoff in a cage match against Gunner at Lockdown has left me with mixed thoughts but I know Garrett will give his all. Crimson & Matt Morgan coming to a conclusion soon.. I don’t see it ending in the next few weeks. Then Hogan becoming the new GM. I am excited to see it happen & look forward to seeing what he does. Next week The Motor City Machine Guns are back in action so I am stoked to see them. As always stay tuned for further info. 














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