TNA Impact Wrestling 03/22/2012

Episode #725 opens with Dixie Carter reliving the events that happened to her on Sunday night’s Victory Road pay-per-view where Bobby Roode & Sting battled. Sting went for his “stunner” but the back of his head hit the steel chair causing a concussion & the beginning of the end for the match. But Roode wouldn’t stop with a simple win he went on to torment TNA President Dixie Carter by dragging her into the ring. Roode was pleased with his terrorizing of Dixie & Sting tried to help but it only got him a steel chair to the back. Dixie came out to the Impact Zone ring intent on firing Roode but Sting walked out to tell her that he had been thinking a lot about the General Manager (GM) position. Sting then told a stunned Dixie that he wanted to give a 100% to wrestling instead of being a part time wrestler & part time GM. He told Dixie to trust him & that he’d been in talks with the perfect person for the GM position. Then he named Hulk Hogan as the man who could give 100% to the position. 

:: X Division Title Match (Four Corners Match) ::

Champ Austin Aries vs Zema Ion vs Anthony Nese vs Kid Kash

 The match was as fast & high flying as we have all come to expect. It looked to be promising considering a “Tower of Doom” move had al four combatants on the mat. That was until a pissed off Bully Ray interfered in the match & the referee ended it due to disqualification. Bully proceeded to take out his aggression on the four men including Aries.. who he is supposed to be on the same side of.. and Aries got a massive boot from Bully when he asked him why did he interfere.

    Winner: Draw due to interference of Bully Ray

Cameras roll outside the building to let us see Repo Man Josh Lewis starting to haul away the Mexican America’s ride. They were able to talk their way into a little more time since they along with Rosita & Sarita had championship tag title matches later in the night. 

:: Knockout Tag Title Match ::

Champs ODB & Eric Young vs Rosita & Sarita

 The match had ODB taking early control thanks to her strength but Rosita & Sarita teamed up to keep her on the mat & in the ring away from tagging Eric in but ODB powered through & was able to tag in her man, Eric Young. Eric came in doing cartwheels & gained himself the attention of Sarita & Rosita. This attention angered the highly jealous ODB who took care of the ladies who dared to mess with her man. Then ODB turned her short lived anger on Eric until they kissed then she tossed him onto Rosita & he gained them the 1.. 2.. 3 victory.

   Winner: ODB & Eric Young (who are getting married on April 12th at the Impact Zone)

Cameras roll on Crimson watching one of Matt Morgan‘s Direct Insurance commercials then he pauses it to tell the viewers why he left his tag partner during their Victory Road match against the Tag Champions Magnus & Samoa Joe. Crimson went as far as blaming Matt for them losing their titles in the first place & that he had finally taken out the trash he had been carrying. Crimson even challenged Matt for a match next week. Matt let his fists answer the challenge when he ran in & delivered a severe beat down on his former partner.  

Jeff Hardy was shown back stage talking about his loss to Kurt Angle at Sunday’s pay-per-view & said he wants a rematch against Angle at Lockdown since Angle only won by cheating when he held onto the ropes. Then Abyss‘ brother, Joseph Park, walked up to Jeff & asked if he had any ideas as to what happened to his brother & where he might be. Jeff gave a heartfelt reply of “I wish I could help you” before walking off.  

We were then shown an awesome video hyping James Storm vs Bobby Roode at Lockdown.  “The Cowboy” James Storm came out to the ring to call out Bobby Roode for his actions against Dixie Carter & Sting. Storm told everyone that Roode’s actions were wrong & that at Lockdown he’d deliver Roode the beat down he deserved & would become the NEW World Champion. Roode’s lawyer, William Kelly, came out to tell everyone that Bobby would be staying at his home in Toronto until further notice & that he would show up to Lockdown to win against Storm. “The Cowboy” told the lawyer to give Roode a message for him then delivered a “Last Call” superkick to the lawyer & left him laying in the ring. 

:: 3 minute Challenge Match ::

Kurt Angle vs Garrett Bischoff

 This match came about after Kurt replied to Jeff Hardy’s challenge for a rematch at Lockdown & Kurt got reminded of his loss to Garrett the prior week in a challenge match. Garrett went on the offensive after they each shoved one another mid-ring. Then Garrett played it smart by avoiding Kurt as the timer was going down. Gunner however had other ideas & came down to the ring for a little 2 on 1 beat down. But Jeff Hardy ran out & cleared the ring.

Winner: Garrett Bischoff by disqualification






:: Tag Team Title Match ::

Champs Samoa Joe vs Mexican America

 An awesome match that came to a head when Joe was using one of his submission moves but Sarita & Rosita got on the ring apron to distract the referee. They succeeded until “Repo Man” Josh Lewis came out & carried the women away on his shoulders. Magnus & Joe turned up the tag team heat by Magnus sending Magnus into one opponent in the corner & Joe pinned. 

Winner: Samoa Joe & Magnus by pinfall


 :: Handicapped Match ::

James Storm vs Kazarian & Christopher Daniels

 To coin a phrase “Slobberknocker” aptly describes this match that is until Kaz & Daniels got into an argument mid-ring with Storm in the corner catching his breath. Then Daniels got sling shotted into the corner by Kaz but missed a ducking Storm. Daniels head hit the top turn buckle & while he was down Storm delivered a “Last Call” superkick to Kazarian then waited on Daniels to get up before delivering a “Last Call” to him as well. 

Winner: “The Cowboy” James Storm by pinfall

Sting & Dixie Carter came out to the ring to discuss the options of what Sting wants to do then Hulk Hogan came out & agreed with Sting. Dixie went back & forth in her mind.. evident by the look on her face.. but the show ended before she made her decision. 


~~ Final Thoughts ~~

The episode itself was solid & makes one wonder will Dixie name Hulk the Impact Zone’s GM? She knows the history behind Sting & Hogan as does everyone else. Good call? I will personally wait to see how it goes on the GM front but I do see a tag match coming for Jeff Hardy & Garrett Bischoff vs Kurt Angle & Gunner.  Stay tuned for next week’s episode where Matt Morgan & Crimson will go at it head to head. 











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