TNA Impact Wrestling 03/15/2012

 Show starts with “The Cowboy” James Storm coming out to the Impact Zone ring to talk about his match coming up against Bobby Roode for the Heavyweight Title the the LOCKDOWN pay-per-view. James said Bobby would need all the luck he could get because he was going to deliver the worst beating of Bobby’s career that night. Then who had to come out but Bully Ray.. he started his trash talk & brought up the fact that he was the one who kicked a steel chair into James’ face. But James quickly called Bully’s bluff & told him to come on into the ring for his ass kicking. Bully just kept repeating “You want to fight” to James then said alright you wanna fight then you’ll get a fight with Gunner tonight. Gunner walks out & James meets him outside the ring to deliver his own style of justice before the refs got it all under control & everyone back into their dressing rooms to get ready for later in the show. 

 Cameras come up in the back to find Gail Kim & Madison Rayne arguing about how Gail cost them the Knockout Tag Titles the week before. Then we see Sting walk up behind the ladies & they both get quiet for a moment before telling him they need a match to redeem themselves. Sting promptly says for them to not worry because they’d both have matches tonight with Gail to face Mickie James & Madison to face Velvet Sky. 

 The cameras then move to Bobby Roode in his dressing room & we hear him complain about his match at Victory Road pay-per-view. Bobby says that Sting shouldn’t have come out of retirement much less put himself into a main event match. But he said that if Sting wanted it then he wouldn’t disappoint & that he would “take out” Sting permanently. 

::Madison Rayne vs Velvet Sky:: 

This match went back & forth with these two knockouts going head to head. Madison gained an early advantage but Velvet was able to turn the tide & started gaining the upper hand. Madison soon rebounded but Velvet rolled Madison into a pinning situation then Madison rolled through so Velvet’s shoulders were pinned to the mat & to insure that she won she held onto the back of velvet’s ring attire with the referee placed behind her to gain the win. 

 Cameras show us Matt Morgan & Crimson talking about their match the prior week, And true to form Crimson bragged about being undefeated. The two seemed almost at odds over how Crimson tagged himself in after Matt had gotten them their advantage the prior week but they came together on their desire to attain the Tag Titles away from the current champions, Samoa Joe & Magnus

::Crimson vs Samoa Joe::

This match was hard hitting with each man having their tag team partners ringside. Joe seemed to have the clear advantage though over Crimson but while the referee’s back was turned away to get Magnus off the ring apron Matt Morgan interfered by pulling Joe’s neck across the top rope after getting Joe’s attention then while he was stunned Crimson delivered an effective spear & gained himself the win. Retaining his unbeaten streak in competition. 

 The X Division Champ, Austin Aries, came out to the ring to show off his montage of his greatest moments since he was “the best” X Division Champ ever considering he has held the title for 182 days. After the montage was shown #1 contender for the title, Zema Ion, came out & showed total disrespect for the champion. Zema even went so far as to tell Austin that if he wasn’t careful that what happened to Jesse Sorensen (who is currently recuperating from a neck injury) would happen to him. 

  ODB & Eric Young talked about their upcoming wedding & the various places it could be held but they both agreed upon them getting married in the ring at Impact Zone. Their upcoming nuptials will be one to not miss. 

 Kurt Angle challenged Garrett Bischoff to a 5 minute challenge match for later in the show & he issued a warning to  “The Charismatic Enigma” Jeff Hardy (who he has a match against this Sunday at Lockdown) that he would end Jeff’s career because he hates him that much. 

::Gail Kim vs Mickie James:: 

This match between the two knockouts had Mickie gaining the early advantage but then after Gail worked over Mickie’s right knee (that most know has been injured before) Gail started gaining momentum. But Mickie dug deep & came out with the very clear advantage. Gail ducked between the ropes to get her Knockout Title from ringside then with the referee trying to get Mickie off of Gail she hit Mickie in the head with the title. Knocking Mickie onto the mat clearly dazed & possibly knocked out. The referee had no idea what had happened to Mickie as Gail had dropped her title & moved to pin Mickie. Gail who is not against being underhanded to win gained the ultimate 1..2..3. 

::Christopher Daniels vs Mr. Anderson::

The first official match of Mr. Anderson’s comeback was a great one with him having the upper hand even when Daniels tried his best moves & dirty tricks. Kazarian comes marching out to the ring intent on being a factor in the match to help Daniels to win but while he was up on the ring apron to get the ref’s attention A.J. Styles comes running out from the back & jerks Kazarian off the apron by the back of pants. The fight outside the ring was almost as brutal as the one inside since Daniels had somehow gotten a cut across his cheek. But A.J. carried his fight with Kazarian up the entrance ramp to the back while Mr. Anderson face planted Daniels into the mat & won the match. 

::Kurt Angle vs Garrett Bischoff:: 5 min challenge

This match Garrett was fighting for his survival from the moment the bell rung. Kurt effectively worked on Garrett’s ankle to prepare him for his patented ankle lock. He even had Garrett in a pinning situation but pulled Garrett up before the referee could count the pin fall wanting to torture Garrett or should we say Kurt wanted to humiliate Garrett. Kurt wasn’t paying attention to the countdown clock, the countdown went to zero & the bell rung ending the match with Kurt having Garrett pinned but due to the rules of the match Garrett survived. Kurt went ballistic thinking Garrett had humiliated him. He decked the referee then put Garrett into a post-match ankle lock. Garrett was screaming in pain then finally Jeff Hardy came running out to help him. 

::Gunner vs James Storm:: 

This match was wild & furious from the moment the bell rung. James delivered his version of a beat down to mass crowd approval even with Bully Ray rooting Gunner on from ringside. Gunner at a few points during the match looked like he would pull out a win but The Cowboy delivered the ultimate ass kicking to Gunner then with his eyes on Bully he pinned Gunner 1..2..3!  

Final Moments ::Sting & Bobby Roode contract signing for Victory Road::

Each man signed the contract to make their main event match official then when the ring announcer was letting everyone in the arena know that it was all official Bobby Roode grabbed the microphone. Sting remained motionless & silent the entire time that Bobby talked down to him. Bobby went as far as calling Sting scared then he tossed the microphone & started to exit the ring. Sting stood up with purpose, tossed the table over then kicked the chair out of his way while he was pulling out his jar of makeup. He put some on then made Bobby jump when he looked back to find Sting standing right there behind him. 

~~ Final Thoughts ~~

Next week looks to be an amazing time with all the side stories not to mention the ongoing story of the disappearance of Abyss & his brother, Joseph Park, searching for clues & anyone who might have an idea of what has happened. Then add in all the updates from this Sunday’s pay-per-view. Stay tuned for more info as it comes in! Until next time! 









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